Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Sunday Feast

My mum, sister (Chik) and I have been busy preparing the food for the Sunday feast since I arrived in Kota Bharu on Thursday, as it was special because most of my mum’s close friends and relatives were caming over.

My mum also feted 40 children from an all-girls orphanage nearby.

The house was full of activities with relatives and close friends coming and going, eating and chatting, though the orphans were all very well behaved and listened attentively to everything that their guardian told them to do. They talked in whispers, and the only time we actually heard their voices and laughter was when my BIL (my sister’s hubby) started to crack a joke or two. *grin*

So, what was the spread that my mum, sister and I have been so busy preparing? Well, here they are……..

Clockwise from top right – pulut lepa (glunitous rice wrapped in banana leaves) with serunding ikan, acar masak, sambal lada, dalca (yum! My favourite!), and roti jala.

Clockwise from top right – kuzi kambing (mutton kuzi), nasi minyak, in a tray of threes - pulut kunyit, sambal lada, and acar masak, dalca, roti jala, and pulut lepa.

We also had kuzi ayam, but I could not take a good photo of it.

The orphans helping themselves to the food.

One for the albummy mum (in black, seated 3rd from the right) with the guardian, and care takers. My sister, Chik or Adura, to some of her friends, in brown pants, seated in front with my eldest niece, Tengku Alia’a Muna, or Kuya (in baju kurung) with the kids.

There were more kids than shown in the photo, but I could not get a good photo of them as they were shy, and kept their heads low most of the time, and were seated opposite from where I stood to take the photos.


busymum100 said...

That's very sweet of your mum to invite the orphans!

As for the food, I think if i was around i'll gain 5kg too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nik,

Selamat Hari Raya...wow, that was such a spread! Good food makes me salivating!

By the way, mak su Dura looks gorgeous here (not that she's not gorgeous before this! lol!!) I bet paksu darling was the one cracking jokes..like always!

-wan z

eli said...

whoa... can't stand looking at the spread!


nikai said...

uh oh.. time to make roti jala... Eli pls make curry...

Nik Adura said...

Kak Nun,
Your carrot cake was simply yummilicious!! Btw , thanks for the thoughts of sharing some cake recipes with me!


Nik Adura said...

That must be you, yup... it's pak su darling creacking it with the orphans.

Mak su Dura