Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A week of eating, eating, eating, and.....

.......more eating! LOL!

Yup! We celebrated Hari Raya Aidil Fitri on 1st October 2008, after a month of fasting. Despite fasting for a month, I don’t think I lost even a single gram *sigh* (no, I did not weight myself, but my clothes fitted the same, not the least bit loose), but, I think I gained like 5 kilos just on the 1st day of Hari Raya itself! LOL!

It started at my MIL’s house with a spread of Nasi Beryani with all it’s accompaniments which included Ayam Beryani, acar, and of course the rich rice beryani itself. Then it was to my hubby’s auntie’s (Mak Zai) house where she served Lontong consisting of Sayur Masak Lodeh, Nasi Impit and Rendang.

Next we went to another of my hubby’s aunty (Mak Jah), where we were also served Lontong, cakes and cookies. By that time, my tummy could no longer take in anymore food, but, out of respect to my hubby’s aunt, I took half a serving, and shared it with my hubby.

The next day, we traveled back to my hometown in Kota Bharu. We took the 9.10pm flight, arriving at my mum’s house close to 11.00pm, where my mum had prepared Nasi Dagang and Nasi Berlauk, as she assumed that we probably might be hungry as we might not have had the time for dinner before embarking on our flight back.

The next day, my mum served Nasi Dagang and Nasi Berlauk again for breakfast, which I did not mind the least bit, as I couldn’t get enough of it the night before. I think I ate a little too much, as my tummy had started to feel a little uneasy.

However, that did not stop me from going over to my sister’s house for a visit and a dive into her many cakes! LOL! Yup, she’s got like 4 types of cake - a Carrot Cake, a fruit cake from Holland given by a friend, her own home-baked rich fruit cake, and a very rich Cheese Cake! Add to that, I brought her my Carrot Walnut cake too! Uh…..I think I just gained 5 kilos just by looking at the spread of cakes on her table! LOL!

Oh! I must not forget to mention my sister's delicious baked macaroni! Yum!

When I got home to my mum’s house, throughout the day, I just munched from time to time on whatever food that was laid out on the table, which was satay and kuah kacang eaten with bread, as I went around helping my mum in the kitchen preparing the food stuff to cook for Sunday, where my mum had invited her close friends and relatives over for lunch. She had also planned on feting some 40 over orphans from an orphanage nearby.

For dinner, my mum cooked fried mee hoon. By then, my tummy ache had started to get so bad that I started having diarrhea which lasted till past midnight!

After one month of fasting, I think my tummy went into shock! LOL!

As if that was not enough, on Saturday, it was more eating when we went over to my SIL’s house for breakfast where we were served roti jala, gulai kambing, kuzi ayam and buns, topped with mixed fruit dessert.

At my aunty’s house for lunch, we were served nasi minyak, kuzi kambing, acar masak, and sambal ikan bilis. I think my tummy started bloating again after that meal, though this time I did not ended up getting a diarrhea, but tummy ache I did have throughout the rest of the day.

For dinner, I just cooked fried rice, which was a nice change to all those rich, weight-gaining food! LOL!

Has the eating ended for the week? Nope! Look out for my next posting as I will be putting up a separate posting for the feast we had on Sunday. *wink*


busymum100 said...

yummy, yummy, yummy!!!


nikai said...

chik.. itu roti jala order ke beli? tak cukup kunyit la.. tengok ma punya la (posting above)