Saturday, October 18, 2008

November project at Epal

I completed my baju kurung the following weekend after coming back from Kota Bharu, and took it to Epal to be graded the following weekend. It is part of the program if you want to get a certificate of completion from Epal after completing 12 projects.

Unfortunately, my baju kurung could not be accepted that day as I did not bring my `grading’ book with me, as Epal had failed to inform me that I needed the book to have my baju kurung graded. So, looks like I have to make another trip there on another weekend, as this weekend, I have many open houses to attend and a wedding.

But, while I was at Epal that day, I bought the November project kits which were a Quilted Wall Clock and a Quilted Sailboat Wall hanging.

I immediately started on the Quilted Wall Clock class as I had some time to spare before I needed to go home to get dinner ready. However, since I was only there for about an hour, I only managed to cut up the pieces of the clock in class.

I came home to put the pieces together after dinner, staying up till midnight that night as I was excited to get this project out of the way as I needed to get back to my soccer quilt project which was way behind in my planned schedule.

It’s looking nice, isn’t it? *wink*

Now I just need to put in the batting and backing pieces, the clockwork and sew the numbers for the clock which I will have to learn in class as I am unsure of how to do it using the machine.

As soon as this is done, I hope to start on the Sailboat project which I think is going to take me sometime to do, as I still have the soccer quilt to complete.

Did I just stretch myself too thin with all the projects that I want to do? LOL!

I must give my hubby a big huge hug and lots kisses for his support and understanding, and for giving me encouragement to take up these classes at Quilt Gallery and Epal.

Thanks, Dia! Love you! Muah!

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しん said...

Hi. im ashley.

actuali just before this, there was a guy came into my house. and he was talking about the Epal thing.

i dint believe him cause well, u know nowadays there's a lot of scams like that now.

now i feel so bad for not trusting him -.-