Monday, October 27, 2008

When East meets West….chapancake, anyone?

Yesterday, I decided that we would have pancakes for breakfast. Usually, when I fry the pancakes, I would use the non-stick pan, and I would get pancakes that are nice and evenly browned, similar to what you see here, but, of course, not as nice as this professionally made and photographed pancakes.

But, yesterday, I tried frying the pancakes using the chapatti pan which my hubby had only recently bought. Since it has a flat surface, I can fry more pancakes (3 pieces) at any one time (I can finish cooking faster! LOL!), without having it flow into each other like the non-stick pan which I can only fry two at a time since my pan is smaller and the pan falls to the center, making the liquid batter flow to the center and merging with each other.

Heheh…look at the results! LOL!

That is what happens when you make a western dish using an Asian (eastern) utensil! *grin* The pancakes have half a pancake texture, and half a chapatti texture! LOL!

My hubby gave it a name – chapancake! *grin*

It might not look appetizing, but my hubby ate quite a few pieces that morning, and my son had them again for dinner. That’s all that matters, actually, right? *wink* It fills the tummy and keep the family happy. LOL! *grin*


eli said...

whoa abg man bought chapatti pan?? If we were there, we would definitely drop by to taste his chapatti...

Emily said...

This is what one would call 'rustic'.... would really really love a piece or two or three served with maple syrup!!!!!