Saturday, October 18, 2008

A boxful of 'bento’ surprises!

About two months ago, I had asked Emily if she could get me a pink bento box which I had seen at one of the `bento’ blogs, as she was organizing a bento party, where they were going to be selling a lot of bento boxes of all shapes and sizes. Little did I expect what was coming my way.

So, when a huge box awaited me when I got back to my office after a meeting on Monday afternoon, my jaw just dropped! I was expecting a box of maybe the size of KFCs take-away. But, what awaited me was a box of about 15”x18”x6”!

I could not help saying “Oh my gosh!” again and again to myself as I unwrapped the package! LOL! Just look at what was inside the huge box! It wasn’t just ONE pink bento box but there were two pink boxes, two blue boxes, two smaller blue boxes, and two carrying bags in blue and pink to match the boxes. There was also a band to `tie’ up the boxes as to avoid spills, in pink and brown, and a pink set of moulds. Oh my gosh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Emily! Muah!

When all the boxes are packed up in the carrying cases, what you get are three neat packed meals! Cool, huh?

I was amazed at how a single box can be opened and stacked to provide more room for food. Just look at these two pink boxes to understand what I mean!

Emily also provided me with a set of compartment containers which could be fitted into the bento boxes should I want to pack smaller items without having to worry of them being mixed together. Great, huh?

Wow! I am impressed at the ingenuity of this bento thing! Did Emily just got me into a bento craze? LOL!

I did not waste time in using them. As soon as I finished taking photos of the `surprise gifts’, I washed everything and packed the blue bento box with my lunch! LOL!

Heheh….noticed that my lunch only consisted of salads? Yeah, I am going on a diet! LOL!

What? Nik on a diet? *grin* Now that sounds alien, doesn’t it? Nik does not know the meaning of diet! LOL!

Actually, I have started on a salad diet since before the fasting month. I think I need to seriously take a look at what I eat everyday as I am not as young as I used to be and need to take better care of my health. Err…did I just said that I am not as young? Opps! LOL!

Anyway, back to my salad lunches, these are some of the `meals’ that I have been preparing for myself for lunch before the fasting month. They are mostly salads, carrots and celeries with my own homemade dressing.

From time to time, I would add peanut butter sandwiches or BBQ chicken wings just to add some extra flavour to the meal. I don’t want to end up getting some sort of withdrawal symptoms from the sudden change in my eating habits. *grin*

If last time my lunches were packed in the normal plastic containers, now I have lovely bento boxes to make my lunch look more appetizing!

Thank you again, Emily! Hugs!


Biblo said...

Nik is a happy camper!! Great stuff you got there in the parcel. Emily is such a great enabler.... LOL!!!

Love the way you do your salad. And I sure would like to try your homemade dressing. Which reminds me that I haven't pack salad for lunch for a while.

Emily said...

Another bento-packer dancing happily at the line of my fishing line! LOL!

Enjoy the gifts and practice wastefree packed meals!

Emily said...

oh btw Nik, you may now also practice proper food portions too!

Paul Lionel said...


Congratulations on the gifts Nik and the bento packing Nik!

Zarina said...

Wondering what is all this Bento craze is about. For me - lunch packed in normal containers. Should I get one too?