Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A simple meal to end the month.....

God willing, we will see Ramadhan again next year.

But, as Ramadhan drew to a close this year on 30th September 2008, I cooked a simple one dish meal which I call the claypot mee, though the claypot was missing, because it was made similar to the claypot mee you get at most food courts at shopping complexes. *grin* It has shredded cabbage, carrots, sawi, eggs and mee cooked in thick chicken broth.

It’s a simple meal but which my son really loves, and it’s something I can whip up in less than 30 minutes!

For lunch, on the 2nd day of raya, we did not do any visiting as we needed to pack our bags to get ready for our trip back to Kota Bharu. So, I prepared a quick meal of Fish n’ Chips. No, I did not prepare the fish. Is was store bought frozen Pacific West dory fish, and so were the fries. I just fried them, but, the coleslaw was home made.

The meal was great though! Yum!

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nikai said...

Malaysian are really great eaters.. even here in A2, it is rare to find people from one country who likes to eat food from *so many* other countries, unlike us.. hehe.. (halal of course..).. You & Abg Man are evidence as well.