Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another medal for the showcase!

Aiman had his annual sports day yesterday, and he was telling me the day before that that during the sports practice, his team kept on getting forth place. My hubby and I told him that it was okay. That what was important was for him and his team to complete the race. He needn't have worried. He and his friends made up a good and cooperative team from what I could see.

The day started out quite well with the weather being very kind to us. It wasn't hot at all, neither did it rain. The Sports Event was officially opened by our very own Natioanl Badminton player, Lee Wan Wah. I wonder if he has a son (is he married?) in the school or maybe he has a relative schooling there?

After that, they had the usual march pass. I must say that the `performance' by the red house (Aiman's sports house too) was really cute!

Anyway, Aiman was in the Brick Walk race where they were required to arrange the bricks in a long row, with the bricks placed touching each other.

If the bricks were not touching each other, the kids were required to re-lay the bricks. I could hear some mothers shouting for their kids to place the bricks touching each other as the teachers were quite strict at making sure that the bricks were touching each other! LOL!

The team must have really bucked up during the last practice as Aiman and his team won 2nd placing.

Congrats, Aiman! We are so proud of you and your team!


my name is KARL said...


aril is one of my fav!!!

he got potential!

remember dato' ct once said : aril got package n he can be somebody in dis industry

adibah & dato' khaty also adore him..

he juz being himself.. dats why people dont like him.. no more 'plastic' artiste plz like fasha!!!!

go Aril! go Akim! go Isma! go Aishah!


nikai said...

Kaknun--pls visit Eli's photoblog!!