Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shocking, unbelievable, and sad.......

I hope by now those who have been critically condemning Aril are finally at peace and happy now that Aril is out of the game.

However, I still don't get it why fans of Hafiz feels that Aril is a threat to Hafiz, when the actual threat is Isma, whose votes have been constantly at the top no matter how good or bad she performs each week. She could just be standing on stage doing nothing at all for all we know, and her votes would still be high. Sounds like Mawi? I may not like Mawi very much, but I must admit that Mawi was phenomenal, but Isma is far from having the aura that Mawi has.

I am shocked and I find it unbelievable that someone as talented as Aril was eliminated at the 7th concert last night. How could this have happened? Was everyone trying to save the not so good ones that they forgot to vote for Aril?

Even Sultan Muzaffar has this to say, or rather he has gone speechless.....

Apa yang boleh saya katakan ? Pengundi telah pun bertitah. Jadi saya tiada kuasa untuk berkata apa-apa. Hanya sekadar mampu melihat dan melihat Aril pergi. Tapi bolehkah penyingkiran Aril diganti ? Mustahil ! Satu penyingkiran yang sukar di cari ganti.

I visited several blogs this morning, and many comments that were left were of disappointment and disconsolate with Aril's elimination. Even those that are not fans of Aril agrees that Aril is a good performer.

Adibah said that Aril was born to be on stage. Adlin, who I consider quite truthful and brutal in his comments, said that Aril is a new product never before been produced by Astro.

And to say that fans of Aril did not vote, many voted, but it seems that the votes somehow did not get through in time before the votings were closed for the night. So, what really happened?

I am sure fans of Akim and Yazid will not agree with me, but, compare Akim and Yazid to Aril, and Aril is any time better than both of them combined (this is my personal opinion, and you have yours). You have to remember that this is already the 7th concert and Akim has yet to show proof that he has got something big to deserve a place in the finals.

Aril can dance and he has so far never performed without coming out with something that is extra ordinary. He can act going by the impressive play acting drama and feel that he did when he delivered his duet with Marsha and the song "Andainya Aku Pergi Dulu...." was delivered full of expression and feel. Even MrManager, who is a great fan of Hafiz, said that Aril has got a shining persona, and he was beginning to like him. He too was shocked by Aril's elimination.

He has slide on the floor, he has slithered and slept on the floor. He has thrown himself across the floor. He has jumped down from the stage. And last night, he did a somersault of sorts. You name it, he has done it. Has Akim or Yazid done any of those yet? Akim only started last night.....

I quote this comment left by AKOO at MrManager's blog......

Aril rocks the stadium tonight, sayang you are not there... Nakal sound and look good with him performing, and I'm not comparing his singing with the original singer. ARIL WAS DAMNED GOOD.

When he was backing up for Hafiz performance, he didn't even try to outshine Hafiz at all.

Compare the voice, and Aril may not have the vocals of Hafiz, but compare his voice with Yazid and Akim, they are almost at par if Aril is not better. So, OK, Yazid might have a slight edge over Aril when it comes to the vocals, but has Yazid got the stage presence that Aril has?

This week, it was Aril that came to Hafiz's aid when Hafiz was struggling with his lyrics. He even offered to help sing the parts where Hafiz couldn't memorize. He even promised that he wouldn't overshadow Hafiz, and he did just that, pretty much stayed on the side, and Hafiz got all the attention.

If fans of Hafiz still thinks that Aril is a threat and condemn Aril, than they must really be fanatics, and that is sad.

I quote a comment placed at Klubbkidd's blog last night, right after the concert...

Noticed in the other blog, a fan of another student mentioned about justice being done when Aril is out of the competition.

What justice is she/he talking about? What is wrong with her/him? Aril performed well (best performance) 3 weeks in a row and him being booted out is called justice? I guess he is really a threat to their fauvorite student in terms of performance.
(I couldn't agree with you more!) They should be more worried with Isma not Aril. She is actually the main competitor in terms of votes and could even be a juara due to voting alone. Aril's votes always the bottom half after the concert and still he is considered a threat. Go figure...

Aril was just trying to help. He has a kind heart, but, unfortunately, like klubbkidd said, his bigger than life personality overshadowed the talent that he has, and good and kind heart that is naturally him, making him being hated by paranoid people who finds him a threat to their darling choices of the AF7 kinds.

I was hoping that Astro would announce that that there would be no elimination this week, but, then I realised that had Astro done that and it was Aril who was at the bottom of the ranking, then all the more Aril will be condemned non-stop, and they will say that Astro was playing favouritism. That would be even sadder. So, maybe it is for the best that Aril is no longer in the game. Maybe a big recording company will pick him up, hopefully KRU, and I am hoping to see an album the likes of Adam coming out not too long after the AF7 is over.

The diaries, to me, will be boring to watch from tomorrow onwards. I am a little embarassed to admit, but I watch the diaries to watch Aril's playful and mischievious antics, and fun personality. He brings life to the diaries.

Looks like I won't be watching much of the diaries anymore. The others are simply boring.....I probably won't watch the concerts anymore either, except to maybe pass my time away while I fold my weekly laundry like what I do every Saturday night since the concerts started.

To Aril, I wish you all the best. Never mind what people say about you. Stay the way you are - fun, loving, mischievious, playful, and, most of all, caring, because it is the way you are that makes people like me love you and wanting to watch you!

You are a star in the making! You left last night with pride. Hold your head up high!

Thanks for making the past 7 weeks an enjoyable one!

**notes - photo taken from Berita Harian Online and SultanMuzaffar


busymum100 said...


The moment Aril was announced, I thought of YOU!

I only started really watching AF7 during Concert 3, though I have to admit that I saw Hafiz performed during Concert 2, but didn't see many others. I liked Hafiz's consistent performance and strong/stable voice. I didn't really notice Aril until only a few weeks ago.

But last night, For the first time, I told my kids that I was beginning to like Aril too. He had improved so much! unfortunately he was voted out last night.... To9 me, Aril is daring, entertaining and fresh, though at times his voice "koyak" here and there, but of late, it was quite minor.

I do not follow other blogs or forums, so I don't really know what fans of Hafiz's and Aril's say of each other, and I don't give a damn.

And, I think this time round, the AF students are much better than before. Sometimes I just wish they stop eliminating, and let the 7 kids perform until the end of the season!

By the way, I do not vote...

I am Karl said...

i did votes


ARIL is d best!

no matter wat, he will survive in d music industry


xmsuk final tp lebih shine dr finalists

chekdenoor said...

salam menjengah ... chekdee vote banyak minggu ni untuk aril...heheheh habis gak rm50 jer ...tapi frus giler bila dia terkeluar.....hmmmm yang dalam af tu tinggal yg boring jer ......

paling boring dengan fans hafiz yang terlalu kenegerian ...... sedihhhh sg

busymum100 said...

Betul tu Karl, tak masuk final tak semestinya tak boleh berjaya. We have seen some examples before this.

i don't care about the fans, i just like to watch and enjoy good performance.

BTW, i masih tk boleh appreciate Yazid - cakap byk sangat! ade je alasan...

Anonymous said...

Well said!

I am from Sabah and I am a fan of Aril so I guess that makes me not that kenegerian..

FYI this year I find the students from Sabah was outshined by most of the 7 finalist and I didn't even bother to vote during the first 4 weeks (note this is the time both Sabahan was booted out). I dunno, I am just not interested to both of them.

Last year I found my self voting for the first time for our hometown darling, Stacy ( starting from week-6). A bit kenegerian you may say but hey, its my money, I vote who I want to and at least I never condemn other students.

This year, I am beginning to take notice of students outside Sabah and that's Aril. It all began with his performance in Week 5. Mind you, it has nothing to do with Marsha coz I sometimes find her too flirty in the past. The performance and chemistry on stage was like WOW! However, that still did not convinced me enough to vote for him. I thought probably that is a one off. Then came his rendition of Yang Pernah, and it was soooo original and he topped it with a mesmerising and unforgettable performance (plus the sommersault) in last night concert. I just love his performance the past 3 weeks. He actually outshined the so called best students, Hafiz 3 weeks in a row. Infact he even outshined the faculty best students such as Qhaud and Claudia. Last night, suddenly I found myself typing AFUNDI button for the fist time since STACY final concert. I noticed that his votes during the week was top 2 before Astro close it down from public viewing on Saturday before the concert. So I was like, no problem there, will vote during the concert. However,suddenly before the concert it dropped to top 4 (middle ranking). Woaaaahhh! Then I started voting, spent RM60 and hoped the rest of his fans will help him stay longer in AF7. Still..

Good luck Aril in your future undertaking.

Joe7289 said...

i fan hafiz.. tp i tak kutuk pun sesaper, termasuk aril.. walaupun kecewa aril out tapi kena termalah.. dah rezeki dia sampai kat situ je.. Lagipun dah nama program reality yang mencari juara melalui sms.. so kena terima la sesiapa y keluar kan...

Kesimpulannya, jgn letakkan kesalahan pada org lain kalau fav student kamu y out...

Fan Hafiz said...

Aah. I pun fan Hafiz. tak pernah lak fikir apa2 negatif pada ARIL seperti yg u tulis kat intro tu. apa agenda u?

I tak pernah pun benci Aril malah suka sbb dia penyeri diari dan kagum dgn stage presence dan kreativiti dia..

Biasala preference dan kritria minat seseorang tu berbeza. tapi Kalaulah takde Hafiz or Hafiz terkeluar awal for sure i akan rooting for Aril

I pun salah sorg yg sedih, nangis and terkejut masa diannounced Aril out. Marah pun ada. Lagi bernanah bila baca intro u atas tu yg accused "Fans of Hafiz" seolah semua org mcm tu. I tak pernah generalized "fans of Aril" walau ramai yg teruk gak. Jahat statement u.

I wish ARIL the best. Dia keluar bermaruah and for sure i akan support him bila dia dah keluar album.tapi kalau ramai lagi yg berniat jahat mcm u I pun mungkin akan termakan jugak dgn "hasutan" sebegini sama dengan u termakan dgn "hasutan" some fans Hafiz yg belum pasti adalah genuine fan.

Za said...

Dear Fan Hafiz, saya tidak berniat untuk menghasut. Saya juga tiada agenda. Statement saya tidak berniat jahat sapertimana yang you tuduh.

Saya sekadar meluahkan apa yang saya rasa. And to prove to you that saya tidak ada niat untuk menghasut, saya telah edit opening intro saya, sebab bukan niat saya juga untuk buat orang bernanah (pinjam your word) membaca statement saya.

Neither was I generalising that all fans Hafiz are like that. But, from what I read at the many comments posted at so many blogs, terlalu ramai yang mengutuk lebih daripada memuji sebelum ini. You must agree on that. Bernanah juga saya membacanya! LOL! *wink*

If you say that you are not one of those yang tak pernah fikir apa-apa negatif tentang ARIL, then alhamdullilah. You seorang yang berhati mulia dan jujur. Thank you.

You said so yourself that semua orang ada preference dan kriteria masing-masing, and I too don't hate Hafiz. I don't think I have ever hated any AF kids for that matter. They are just kids, and this is just a competition. Tak perlu terlalu emotional.

So, if you still feel `terhasut', after I had explained to you that saya tiada niat jahat, tiada apa-apa agenda dan tiada niat menghasut, then I am sorry to say that it must be because you must have misinterpreted my intentions.