Sunday, April 12, 2009

A night full of surprises and drama!

Yup! The drama that is what AF is all about is finally back! Only after FIVE long weeks of torture of listening to err…..the host talk….no, make that scream at the top of his voice when he should just be talking! LOL! *wink* I sometimes wish that he would just shut up and get on with the concert. LOL! *grin*

As to be expected, Isma’s hubby appeared in place of Zahid for the song “Kau Mawarku”. It was unfortunate that the camera had failed to catch a close-up of Isma’s expression of shock (if she was shocked. I have a feeling that she was kind of expecting it as it seems that Zahid was never ready during the rehearsals).

The scene between Isma and her hubby was romantic, though a little over. But, what do you expect from a couple who have been separated for five long weeks. I am just wondering if it was intentional that Astro did the duet theme this week to coincide with Isma and her hubby’s 11th Wedding Anniversary?

I wouldn’t be surprised, knowing that the last 4 concerts AF has lost much of what it was famous for, and that is it’s drama. Astro knew that bringing Isma’s hubby will give it the much needed drama that it has been missing. It was the start of many more dramas that took place throughout the 5th concert.

Anyway, congrats to Isma and her hubby!

Next on was Akim, and I must say that I enjoyed the performance because of Farah’s presence. Though he has improved quite a lot vocally (borrowing from the words used by the critics), I feel that he lacks expression, like there was no chemistry between him and Farah. He can’t seem to get the feel for the song, though it was quite a good performance.

I pity Qhoud last night. He just can’t seem to be able to let out his expression and feel for the song last night. He does not seem to have any chemistry at all with Heliza (notice how unexcited he was when Heliza was first introduced to him that she was going to be his duet partner? ), and Heliza’s out of tune did not help make things any better. I wish him the best of luck for his performance next week.

As to be expected, Hafiz’s performance with Mila, who herself is a good singer, made for a very good combination. Do I hear Hafiz's fans nodding their heads in agreement? *wink*

I am not a fan of Hafiz, but I must admit that this boy has got the voice, but I still can’t seem to feel the aura that seems to attract him to the bigger general public that seems to adore him. Could it be because he is so young and his curly hair makes him adorable to the young voting girls and hopeful mothers?

Being good already right from the first concert, Hafiz needs to prove that he has got more than just a good voice and an adorable look. He needs to be outstanding. He has been consistent every week, but there is already nothing more to see of him. He has proven everything already from day one. Now it’s time for him to show something extra that will endear him to people like me who can’t seem to see anything good anymore of him except for his voice, and AF is not just a singing competition, but a competition to find an all round entertainer.

Same goes for Claudia too. Her duet with Vince was good, and like Hafiz, she was good from day one, and so needs to search for something extra to make her even more outstanding. Now she is in great competition with Hafiz, and Hafiz has very strong fans who are influential bloggers, who can move the votes in any direction.

The Sarawakians want a Sarawakian winner this year, and in order to ensure that, their vote must not split. They will have to vote for only one person, and that person could be Hafiz, since he endears more to the general public.

I am giving my vote to Aishah, another Sarawakian, though I think her chances are slim compared to Hafiz and Claudia, unless she does something really outstanding in the next 5 concerts if she is not booted out first. She just might be the casualty when the Sarawakians might have to choose between the 3 Sarawakians that they want to vote to ensure a Sarawakian champion this year. Do I make sense here? LOL!

I have to say that Aishah’s performance tonight was the cutest performance of the night. Combined with one cute singer, Aliff Aziz from Singapore, it was an adorable performance, if I can put it that way.

I don’t know if they ever rehearsed together, or whether it was a complete surprise for Aishah, but there was immediate chemistry between Aishah and Aliff right from the start. I really do hope that she will make it big someday in the music industry.

BTW, I like the way Aliff was introduced before the start of his duet with Aishah. Even if Aishah did suspect that she was going to get someone in replace of Vince, I doubt it if she ever thought that it was going to be the cute Aliff. *grin* Again, unfortunately, the cameraman failed to catch a close-up of Aishah’s expression on realizing who her duet partner was.

Yazid’s performance was very energetic last night and I must say that I agree with the critics that Yazer’s strong energy rubbed off onto Yazid and influenced his (Yazid’s) performance last night. It was fun watching them both perform.

If Aishah’s performance was the cutest of the night, I have to say that Aril’s performance with the sexy and loveable Marsha was probably the most romantic and sweetest of the night.

I know! I know! I am sure fans of Hafiz and others will not agree with me, but this is only my personal opinion, and say what you want that I might be bias, but even Dato’ Khaty, Edrie Hashim and Adibah Nor gave him the thumbs up last night.

Aril’s performance last night was full of feelings. I love his expression, and Marsha was equally expressive. The play acting was full of drama and it made me want to watch their performance over and over again. They make a very lovely couple. They look so romantic! Will that make Kefli of AF3 jealous since rumours has it that they have something going on between the two of them? *wink*

I am sure many out there will argue with me that there is nothing special about Aril’s performance last night, but, you must give credit where credit is due. I agree that both Claudia and Hafiz have got the vocals, but where Aril lacks the vocals, he made it up with his showmanship.

Aril's performance had drama, feel, was full of expression, like Adibah said, you could feel the love he had for Marsha. Added to that, with improved vocals, it was, overall, the best performance of the night, and I am not talking just about vocals alone.

Both Claudia and Hafiz were good, but their performances did not have the play acting drama that Aril's performance did. But, even before fans of Claudia and Hafiz jump at me, I have to say that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and the matter is of a subjective one. It’s all a matter of preferences and the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

I believe that Aril does have some great potential if only he would work even harder. If he doesn’t, he will only be opening himself to plenty of criticism. It's a cruel world out there. I hope that in the next 5 concerts (I am hoping that he makes to the finals), he will prove all those skeptics that he does deserve a placing at the finals. Whatever it is, Aril, you have my vote! *wink*

Sidi was already having problems with his performance in almost every concert, and Zahid’s strong presence did not make it any easier for him to prove himself. I must agree with the critics that Zahid overpowered Sidi’s performance last night. As a result, he became the casualty in last night’s concert when he got booted out. I wish him luck in his future endeavor, whatever it is that he chooses to do.

Today I must congratulate AC for he has managed to put in some drama into the show. I like the gimmick to introduce Alif Aziz. I also like the way he was teasing Aril about his pink scooter, and his `bantal busuk'. That was cute and hilarious! LOL!

Thank you, Astro, for bringing back the old Akademi Fantasia. Thank you too for having Adibah Nor as one of the critics last night. She added humour and fun into the show. It was an overall feel good show last night.

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busymum100 said...


Did you see how "unhappy" Datuk Kathy looked after Isma's performance? I wonder why.... I hate to say bad things about her (DK) because I am a fan of hers, tapi nampak sangat dia meluat. much later, I think bila time Hafiz, only did she appear more relaxed.

Knowing that Isma used to sing duet with her hubby, her performance tak lah surprising mana.. tapi mmg romantik habis la.

And yes, you are entitled to your opinion, and me to mine *wink* - I still prefer Hafiz to Aril, hehe...