Sunday, April 19, 2009

Going dotty over polka dots!

Zarina was in town on Tuesday to attend a workshop the next day, and she called me in the morning asking me to meet up with her at SAKURA after work.

As Zarina was only arriving by flight from Penang at 5.00pm, Kelvin was kind enough to wait up for us despite his usual business hours being only up till 6.00pm. That’s what I call good business sense! He even went out to pick up Zarina at a school nearby when the taxi driver could not locate where his shop is.

When I got to SAKURA, I could help getting excited at what I saw as the floor of the little shop was scattered with newly arrived fabrics on the bolts! They were everywhere!

What was even more exciting was that there were so many polka dots and stripes in so many various colours! Polka dots and stripes have always driven me nuts in excitement! LOL! *wink*

I could not resist taking not one, not two, but…err……hmm……just look at what I bought in 1 meter length each! *blush*

What am I planning to make with them? More bags, most probably! *wink*


busymum100 said...

Hey Nik,

Those gorgeous fabrics must have cost a fortune, no? *wink*

They are really lovely, very tempted, very tempted, but no... *sad*

ShannyK-L said...

WOW Nik! I love the fabrics! esp the the flowery ones - so liberty fell!.... think they might still be there when i get home? if not, do you think you could get me some?

Za said...

Sabariah, the fabric cost between RM34.00 to RM38.00/meter.

Sure, I can get them for you, Shanny. Tell me which one you would like me to get for you.

Ciyou said...

where is the shop, is it at KL??
i love polka dots too....

Zarina said...

This Zarina got the same treatment. I used a different route to reach to his shop and had no idea how to get there. Called him to ask for direction, but instead got him coming personally to lead the way.

I wish I was over the stashing diet I'nm on. So loving those beautiful fabric.

nellysuria said...

hi sis..
ya...where is this place cud be???
pliss...plisss...share with us here..coz we al polkadot lovers!!! hehee