Monday, April 06, 2009

Fed more.....When songs determines destiny

I find it shocking that both Rubisa and Zizi got kicked out at the 4th concert last Saturday night. I think Zizi's performance last Saturday was easily the best performence for the night.

It was obvious from the looks on the faculty's faces that they too couldn't believe it. Had Zizi not been kicked out, I am sure they would have named her best performer for that week. *sigh* Unfortunately, that's the reality of Akademi Fantasia - the voters love to spring surprises!

I have said many times before in my postings on AF in the previous years that the voting people voted not for talent, but for who they like, regardless of how bad they are/were. Will we have another repeat of AF4? *sigh*

I was in Negeri Sembilan attending a Senior Architect's meeting over the weekend (yes, the weekend! *sigh*), and so did not get to watch the live concert on Saturday night. I arrived home too late on Monday evening to watch the repeat of the concert, and so missed the start of the concert and the first 3 performances by Aishah, Qhoud and Claudia.

However, I came back just in time to watch Aril. I must say that though I like Aril very much and would like to see him in the finals, but I know the reality is that he has not got the voice, though he can really dance. I love his dance moves, and wished that he has a great voice to match, so that I don't feel so bad about liking him and can say that I like him for his talent, and not just because he is cute! LOL! *wink*

Anyway, I think he might just be another Dafi where KRU might just take him under their wings, if Aril's family agrees to it, that is, since his brother is also a recording artiste, and might have other plans for him. If KRU does take him under their wings, than this should be good for him, and I can see him flying high already in the music industry.

I initially don't like Yazid, but, over the past two weeks, I noticed that Yazid is starting to show some improvement, and it makes me want to listen to him. I think he sang better in this 4th concert than in the previous 3 concerts, though I must agree with some comments that said that he still lacks the feel (penghayatan) for the song.

Aahh! I like Akim's new hairstyle. It brings out his boyish look. Before this, I think his hairstyle made him look older than his 18 years. Performance wise, I see some improvement, but not enough to impress me.

What more can I say about Isma? She's got the voice and the looks, but I think this song by Amy does not suit her, and it did not bring out the best in her.

I like this song of Amy's as I like Balads and Rock Balads, and I like Rubisa's rendition of 'Tiada Lagi'. Unfortunately, the title of the song became her destiny - she was `no more' to appear in the next concert.

I guess, for her, it was probably for the better as she was crying all week last week missing her sick son at home. It must have been a blessing in disguise for her to be booted out this week when she so pines for her son. Good luck, Rubisa!

Hafiz might be well liked by the audience and so many other people, and I must agree that he is good, but, he still has yet to appeal to me to want to make me want to watch him perform each week. If not for anything else, but to watch him to see what is it that I can't see that other people see in him that makes people like him. Another Mawi perhaps? Am I missing something? I just don't get it. Maybe he is missing the X-Factor? He reminds me strongly of Aizat.... and Mawi!

Sidi decided to hide his dancing flaw or weakness by singing sitting down most of the time, and I think it was a good strategy, but he should have sat down throughout his performance, as the minute he stood up, it was obvious that he looked odd and awkward.

It was a good performance by Zizi, but, unfortunately, quite a number of people took the title of her song, 'Aku Dah Bosan' literally and decided that she is fed up being cooped up inside the Akademi, and so they decided that they are `fed up' with her too and decided not to vote for her....maybe!

A pity, really, since I felt that she has got what it takes to get to the finals. I like her husky voice. She's attractive too. Again, I think the `voters' voted not for talent, but for who they like. Talent comes second. Am I not getting something here?

That's Akademi Fantasia. I guess the voters does not seem to have been tranformed just yet.

Talk about transformation, can I tranform AC Mizal to Sarimah or Aznil? LOL! *wink* I am fed up with his `silly' jokes which I don't find funny at all, but iritating instead. UUrghhhh! To have to bear with him for another 5 weeks!

So, what can I expect at this week's 5th concert?

It will be interesting to see who will be the duet partners for the kids as that has yet to be revealed. I think Astro has some surprises lined up, and of course they are keeping mum. I think many will expect that Isma's hubby will come and do a surprise duet with her, but I think since many expects it, including myself, I think Astro wil scrape the idea even if it was ever an idea in the first place. They have something else planned, and I guess we shall have to wait.....

I just hope that it won't be my favourite that will be kicked out this coming concert. Shall I start voting? LOL! *wink*

**note: photos taken from Akademi Fantasia's official website and Mr Manager

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my name is KARL said...

nice thoughts

my fav. are


Aril - most probably KRU will grab him la... he got d package.. his voice his unique... n not dat bad.. compared to dafi.. dafi even worse

AKIM - he has some potential.. his tone very nice

Isma - she was very hardworking! determine sgt2

Aishah - i like her.. she got nice voice too