Saturday, April 25, 2009

My baby turned 9!

Yeah, he's already 9, and yet I still call him my baby. *grin*

Aiman will always be `my baby' even when he is 12, 18, 24, or even 30! I think he might get embarassed though if I call him baby at age 30 if he is already married by than and with his own kids. LOL! *wink*

I shall not embarassed him, but, he will always remain by baby forever.

So, `my baby' turned 9 on 22 April 2009. I thought it was only yesterday that he was just learning how to walk, and already this week, he already knows how to make demands as to what he wants for his birthday. *grin*

This year, we are not having a big birthday celebration for him. We explained to him that things are simply getting too expensive, especially his school tuition fees. Also, if we were to have a party celebration for him, that would mean that I would have to take leave to prepare for it as from our experience doing it at A&W last year, nothing beats doing one at home.

But, as it turned out, I won't be able to take leave this time around as work was piling up sky high and I have been having meetings back to back almost everyday of the week last week. I eventually had to take an emergency leave though when I ended up with a bad case of aerosol poisoning on Thursday. So, I guess it was never meant to be for us to have a birthday celebration for him this year.

We told him we will try to have one next year. In the mean time, this year, we promised a special dinner at a fancy restaurant of his choice, and so he chose VICTORIA STATION.

So, on Friday, we went out for the sepcial dinner. I made reservations earlier as he had been wanting to sit at the head of the train each time we have dinner there on special occassions, and so, last night, he finally got his wish.

He was excited and kept asking us if this was really the head of the train. My hubby pointed out that even the spelling on the train were in old malay spelling. I forgot to take a photo of it though to show what my hubby meant.

Anyway, we had our usual starters of Nachos, my favourite! Hubby had Meatloaf and I had Salmon with Lamb Loin Combo, while Aiman had BBQ Chicken.

It felt like a simply dish (but expensive! LOL!) but I felt full right up until this morning! LOL!

Earlier on in the week, on Wednesday, 22nd April, the actual day of his birthday, I bought a small cake and we had sort of a small celebration just the 3 of us, and he opened presents given to him by his Atok & Tokmama, my hubby and I.

I hope Aiman had enjoyed his dinner and would still be able to appreciate the small celebration that we had for him earlier, though we know it wasn't a birthday celebration that a kid his age would want, but, he will have to learn that life isn't always about what he wants.



nikai said...

If Aiman had a FB, I'd leave him a HB2u msg..

eli said...

happy 9th birthday Aiman!Hope you had a great time on yr birthday! Hugs & kisses from all of us here :)

busymum100 said...

Happy 9th birthday, Aiman.

My no.5's birthday is 23th April, so close. He's in form 4 now, but i still feel like he's a baby. I know how you feel!

Paul Lionel said...

How nice! Happy Belated Birthday Aiman!

... ... ... ... ... ... nik elin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIMAN... next time take him to TONY ROMAS where kids below 12 eat for free.
SUNWAY PYRAMID has it...I can even give you the coupons... I spend about RM80 for me and Kuyasmin to eat a full meal.