Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My brother took his family and my mum, who is currently visiting my brother there in the US, on a nostalgic trip to Pittsburg where my dad did his Masters, and my sister and I followed with my mum some 40 years ago. Oopps! That long ago? Old, am I? LOL! *wink*

On the way to Pittsburg, they came across a signage that said "Kent State University", and my mum recalled that it was the university where I did my Architecture degree there some 20 years ago.

So, on the way back from Pittsburg, they decided to stop by Kent to pay a visit to Kent State University specially for me. I am touched.

When I saw the photos of my alma mater posted at my sister-in-law's photoblog, tears just fell.

Don't ask me to explain why I cried. I couldn't tell either if the tears that flowed freely as I look through the photos of the School of Architecture (Taylor Hall) were happy tears or sad tears, but it was a feeling of nostalgic, an overwhelming feeling of emotions that I had gone there, studied there, graduated there and memories of the good old times passed by quickly through the photos that I saw.

I was surprised myself how photos of those good old times could have gotten me all so emotional. Signs of menopause, am I? LOL! *wink* No, I am just being the very sensitive person that I always am. I cry even on hearing news of the death of people I don't even know.

Could you believe it that it had been more than 20 years ago that I had left school? I had made it into this tough world thanks to the loving guidance and care of people around me who cares for me - my parents, my grandmother, my siblings, my in-laws, my nieces and nephews, my hubby and my son. Everyday I thank Allah for I am blessed with people who loves me.

I wished that I had been in time to tell my brother the address to the house where I had stayed during my students days there so that he could have taken some photos of it to add to my nostalgic feeling, but I could not recall what was the address. *sigh*

Maybe I should take a trip down memory lane myself someday?

Thanks, Nik Ai, for making the trip and for the memorable photos. Thanks, Ma, for suggesting to Nik Ai to make the trip.

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nikai said...

Nikai: Proposer and driver.
Ma: Seconder and storyteller about you when you were here. (saucy!)
Eli, Sarah: Photographer.
Eli: Trip planner.