Saturday, April 18, 2009

April Stitching Bee Meet

Errr…....I think it was more of a Crochet Bee Meet, as almost everyone who came today learnt how to make the lovely crocheted bag from Mel! LOL!

There weren’t many of us today like the usual Stitching Bees that we have had the last couple of times as many could not come at the last minute due to unexpected change in plans at the 11th hour. There were 8 of us – Tini, Paul, Sabariah, Rose, Anna, Jo, Mel and myself.

Sabariah and I arrived first at Starbucks Bangsar Village II followed by Anna. Rose came later though she actually took a lift from me, but she went off to the bookstore first before joining us. She was closely followed by Jo who we could hardly recognize as Jo had lost so much weight. I think my mouth was so wide open in surprise that a fly could have flown in as I tried to take in the view of this thin lady standing in front of me, cracking my head trying to figure out who she was! LOL! *blush*

Paul and Tini arrived quite soon after that in a matching pink shirt and blouse. *wink* Hmm…coincidence or planned? *wink* Could not help it...... *grin*

Sorry, Paul and Tini, I am teasing again….. *wink*

It wasn’t long before Teacher Mel arrived with her bright and colourful crocheted bag which she was going to teach us that day.

After some Show and Tell, where Jo brought out all her lovely bags, and Rose showed us her lovely cross stitch pieces. Shown below is Sabariah with one of Jo's lovely bags.

Sabariah started off by showing us how to make some lovely pin brooches.

We each got a piece, including Paul. Hmm….what would Paul be doing with a brooch? He said something about making it into a tie pin. Hmm…that’s a lovely idea!

Here's Jo posing with Mel's strikingly bright bag, and Anna showing off Paul's collection of crochet hooks.

Before Mel proceeded to teach us how to make the bag, she passed on to Tini her Card Exchange which came in a BOX! Err……is this a Card Exchange or a BOX Exchange? LOL! *wink*

The card Mel made was really lovely, It got everyone in awe! But, what got everyone curious was what was inside the box! LOL! *grin* There were two lovely blouses inside the box. Hmm….Mel, can I be your next exchange partner? LOL! *wink*

Once Mel was done with her breakfast, she distributed charts for the bag and a magnetic button to those of us wanting to learn how to make the bag. Like ‘obedient students’, we all got down to work, `listening attentively’ to Mel giving instructions. *grin*

This was the 3 colour combination that I had wanted to make my bag into, but, after Sabariah, Rose and Mel commented on the combination, and Sabariah happen to have a spare pink yarn that matched my light pink and light yellow yarn to a T, I decided to make the change.

I am glad I did as now the colour combination is so sweet and yummy, I feel like sinking my teeth into it! LOL!

A majority of us stayed until at least pass 1.00pm, but Jo was the first to leave at about 12.30 noon. Sabariah wanted to leave even earlier, but she kept saying that I was a bad influence on her, worse than my sister’s influence on her, *grin* when she could make herself to get up to leave us to buy lunch for her family, as we kept suggesting what to tell her hubby so that she can prolong her stay on to ‘enjoy our company’. LOL! *wink*

She eventually left slightly after 1.00pm. *grin*

Rose left just before Sabariah did. Mel left at about 2.00pm, followed by Tini and Paul. Anna and I stayed until it was time for me to pick up Aiman at his Engineering Workshop which ended at about 2.20pm.

Though not many turned up like the usual Bee that we have every two months, I enjoyed myself very much today, learning from Mel how to make the bag and learning how to make the brooch from Sabariah.

Thank you, Sabariah and Mel, for the lessons. Thanks everyone for coming. I hope everyone had a good time! Looking forward to the one in June!


busymum100 said...

wah... you beat me here! My pix are still in the camera!

BTW, Aril did very very well in the just concluded concert, though my preference is still Hafiz *wink*

It was really a fun outing, thank you for arranging it.

Janet C said...

I missed all the fun! :(
Glad you all enjoyed yourselves!

Ying Pang, said...

seems like you all had a very good time!

Za said...

We sure did, Ying Pang! You should join us one of these days!