Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flower Pincushion Exchange

Oopps! I have almost forgotten to post on this exchange which we did at NNC last month. It's been a hectic month. Err...when has it been not hectic? LOL! *wink*

Anyway, my partner for this exchange was Shanny all the way in Switzerland. Since it has to travel so far, I had to make a pincushion that wouldn't be too big and bulky, not because I wanted to save on posting, but because I did not want to attract curious postmen and postwomen. So many packages coming to Malaysia have gone missing, and even though this package is going overseas, I did not want to take any chances.

I made a pincushion in the shape of a heart, and as the theme was flowers, I added on die cut felt flowers. It did not take me long to make this pincushion though I slept at 2.00am making it up as I did not want to put it on hold anymore in case I might not be able to find any more time to complete it.

We were required to add flower theme stash to the exchange and I just added on whatever stash I already had that suited the theme. I just hope that Shanny liked them all, and would find some good use for them.

In return, I received a lovely pincushion that was glued onto a plastic container from Tini that could be used to put in pins and any small odds and ends.

I received together with the cute pincushion were a box of pins, a length of flower lace, a fat quarter of flower theme fabric, beads and buttons.

Thank you, Tini! Thank you to Usha too for organising this exchange!

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