Saturday, April 04, 2009

What weekend?

Weekend? It's already the weekend?

I won't be having much of a weekend this week though. In fact, I won't be having a weekend at all as I have a Senior Architect's meeting that runs from Saturday evening until Monday afternoon. We even have a workshop in the evening after dinner on Saturday and Sunday nite!

Our Head of Discipline has been so busy on weekdays that she cannot find a time for us to sit down and discuss issues related to our profession, and since we need to have this meeting to strategize the future of our profession, she decided that we shall have this meeting over the weekend. Her weekdays are spent going for other top management meetings.

So, there goes my weekend....... *sigh*

Even Aiman is not spared. He won't be able to go for his usual Saturday activity classes as we already have to leave by the afternoon. He seems happy though since he will be spending the night at his cousin, Ayin's house. He said he can play all day! LOL!

He has never slept at this cousin's house before and mummy is worried, but, like Margaret said, I think he will probably have a great time while mummy worries the night away! LOL!

Opps! I will also be missing this week's Akademi Fantasia concert! Oh no! LOL! *grin*

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busymum100 said...


Hai... blog entries on AF7?

I kinda like Hafiz's performance, though I have to admit that I do not follow the others' performance that much.

A tribute to Amy Search & Dato CT, but why gave lousy songs? These two have many great songs! I just didn't enjoy the concert :-(