Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Writing in flight!

This is a first…I am writing this while on a flight to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for a meeting….jakun dan darat sikit….tak pernah write while on a flight…LOL! *grin*

Well for one, most…..eerr…make that ALL…LOL!.. of my travels for work are usually short bounds, meaning they are domestic flights, which usually takes only a 45 minutes to get to my destination. So, by the time I take out my laptop to write, it’s almost time to switch off all electronic gadgets for the landing! LOL!

Today, I decided to take my laptop with me to KK as I might be doing a lot of waiting at the airport for my flight back to KL from KK tomorrow as I couldn’t get an earlier flight than 7.30pm after my meeting which I expect will be done by 3.00pm.

I could go shopping for some pearls……hmmmmmm….but, I couldn’t possibly be spending 3 hours looking for pearls, could I? I could, but I’ll end up spending like thousands of ringgits if I were to go pearl shopping for 3 hours!

Ooopps! I think I just saw my hubby’s jaw dropped reading that statement above! LOL! *wink*

You know, when it comes to pearls, I think my hubby knows best what to get for me. I have gone to KK on several occasions (some years ago), and have gone looking for nice looking pearl accessories like bracelets, necklaces and earrings, but I always end up coming home empty handed, as I really couldn’t decide which one I want or what I want, or, I just couldn’t find the ones I like. But, when my hubby use to travel to KK every month for work some 3 years ago, each time he comes home, he would buy me pearl accessories, and they are always very beautiful ones, those that I have never seen before when I am in KK myself. That’s one shopping that my hubby does better than me! LOL! *wink* Well, OK, I am a lousy shopper to begin with! LOL!

I’ll be in KK for two days. I have a meeting in the afternoon upon arriving in KK (ETA 11.45am). Tomorrow I have another meeting and a site visit to a new project which is scheduled to take off early next year if budget allows.

In the evening, before my flight back, I might make a stop over at the Filipino market to see what fancies me to bring back to KL. Anyone any suggestion on what I should get, since it’s been a very long time since I last came here?

I can’t buy anything big though since I only carried a small overnight bag and my laptop bag. I say small overnight bag but my colleague just teased me that my bag is like I am traveling for 3 days! LOL!

You see, my colleague traveling with me is a male, and you know how light men travel, right? I admire women who can travel light, as I am one of those who doesn’t know how to travel light, despite squeezing my makeup bag and toiletries into the tiniest of bags! LOL. Even my smallest overnight bag is considered big! LOL!

You see, I can’t travel without a novel to read on the plane. I also can’t leave home without my cross stitch with me and a at least one craft magazine in my bag. *grin*

I don’t know how people squeeze their pajamas and the work clothes for tomorrow all in a very tiny bag.

I don’t fancy rolling up my clothes as some have said that rolling your clothes will make your travel bag smaller as you get to squeeze the clothes into a smaller bag. Hmmm….if I were to do that, I’d end up with a very wrinkled blouse for work, and that wouldn’t look professional, right? Ask the hotel for an iron? I could do that, but, not all hotels have irons ready for you to use, especially if you go to small hotels where they would have limited number of irons to go around, and I might already need it for my meeting upon my arrival at the hotel.

Ok! OK! I am just making up excuses for bringing a big overnight bag! LOL!

I guess I will just have to remain as one of those typical women who simply lose out when it comes to traveling light. *grin* But, have you got any tips for me for traveling light? Who knows they might be ones I have yet to try out.

I can’t kept getting teased from my male colleagues for bringing a HUGE overnight bag, each time I travel with them, right? LOL! Or, they just simply LOVE to tease me, no matter what! LOL! *blush*

Written at 10.45 am on board flight MH2708 to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

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