Monday, May 18, 2009

A final comment…….

I know that I have already lowered the curtains on Akademi Fntasia in my last entry, but I promised a friend who is currently overseas and had missed the final concert that I will put in an update on the concert. She only reads my blog to get updates on Akademi Fantasia. Thanks, Sabariah!

So, Sabariah, this is specially for you, and to all fans of Akademi Fantasia who follows my blog....

The opening for the concert promised a highly charged night when Hardstyle Republic, a shuffler group, did the opening act with a highly charged dance routine, followed by a well delivered “Revolusi” by the five finalists. But, unfortunately, the rest of the night was a flop. The heat only started and stopped there. To say the least, the rest of the night was kind of bland and cold, and did not pick up, even right up to the announcement of the winners.

Hafiz was the first to come on stage, but before he performed, he had to go through this boring joke which was not the least bit funny when AC Mizal asked him to choose a card to determine what he has to do as he faces the real world as an artist.

I find the whole gimmick boring and a waste of time. In fact, I find all the gimmicks slotted in between the performances boring and dull. Din Bramboi did nothing to lift up the spirits for the night. I have never found him funny when I hear him on Radio Era in the morning on my drive to work.

Hafiz’s vocals, as usual, were great, but I couldn’t help feeling that he wasn’t comfortable with the dance steps. It wasn’t naturally him to dance with backup dancers. He would have faired better dancing alone, as he went a little bit off in one of the steps.

Let’s just put it this way – Hafiz is no dancer when it comes to choreographed dancing. He needs a lot of brushing up to get to the level where Akim is now as both of them started out as someone who can’t really dance.

Please, fans of Hafiz, don’t get all emotional with my comments. I am just saying how I see things. I am not asking you to agree with me. This is my personal opinion and observations only.

Next to perform was Akim with his new song, “Bengang”. This is one of the better new songs this year. The other one being Hafiz’s new song. The rest of the new songs this year were just horribly bad, to say the least. Even Isma’s new song penned by her hubby was nothing to shout about.

I like Akim’s delivery of this song. The song suited him well. It definitely was the right song for him. However, I think Akim did not fully utilize the huge stage. He remained in the center of the stage most of the time. He has performed better than this in previous concerts, the 9th concert being his best. But, still, it was one of the better performances of the night.

Yazid came in next with “Kasidah Cinta”. A lovely song to me, and Yazid sang it quite well vocally, but, unfortunately, I couldn’t feel his emotions.

His interaction with the dancers was disconnected and lacks emotion. Had he injected some emotion in it, it would have been one of the best performances of the night as the drama was already set up for him, but he failed in the acting department. Dare I say that had the song been given to Aril, he would have nailed it? Oopps! Lariiiiiiii! Runnnnnn! *grin*

I expected a better performance from Isma with her new song, “Bisikan Godaan” as it was a song that she had heard before as it was penned by her hubby. Was I expecting too much?

This song will only stick in your mind if you listen to it over and over again. Isma’s vocals showed no improvement from the first concert as she already has good vocals from the start. She has one of the better vocals among the five finalists, coming in second after Hafiz in terms of vocals.

Like Edrie said, this being the finals, more was expected out of her. Unfortunately, she performed like she did in any of the weekly concerts. It lacks ummphh and superstar quality.

I am not being biased when I say that Aril’s rendition of Padi’s “Kasih Tak Sampai” was one of the better performances of the night. Adlin would have agreed. He injected the feel that was required for the song. I could feel his emotions. I wished that song was sung last instead of first between his two songs. It would have left more impact to the huge stadium and the excited crowd.

Again, was I expecting too much? It was, after all, the final concert, and we can only expect the best in the finals.

I must comment that the crowd went crazy the minute Aril walked on stage. It was hard to distinguish which fans were the loudest – Hafiz or Aril, as both fans went wild each time they both went on stage.

To say that Aril had no strong fans was definitely an understatement. They just failed to keep voting him to get him straight into the finals, resulting in him being booted out in the 7th concert, thus creating a huge controversy when the AFMASUK was announced.

After the final round, the audience was entertained by the kids who made it into the top 20, but could not make it into the top 12. To say the least, it was a forgettable performance. It was self explained why they didn’t not make it into the top 12. I need not comment further.

The second round started off with Hafiz again, this time with his new song, “Masih Jelas”.

As I said earlier, this song was one of the better new songs for this season. It’ll definitely top the charts in no time at all. With Hafiz strong vocals, it’s a winner right from the start.

I have always liked Faizal Tahir’s song, and this new song from Faizal is no exception. I knew the minute that Akim got the song that he was going to nail it, and he did. It suited his vocals to a T.

If you ask me to compare him with Hafiz in terms of showmanship, I’d choose Akim any time. I love his drama when he rendered “Bencinta”. I could feel his emotions, and he managed to pull off the drama effortlessly. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of him in the music industry.

Yazid’s new song, “Ya Pa Pa” is actually quite catchy, and I think Yazid managed to deliver it almost effortlessly. He did better for this song than he did for his cover version, which was good, as this is the song that will be playing in the radios. He seems to be enjoying this song, and that is another plus point for him.

I find his response to Kathy’s comment if be becomes the champion amusing, when he said that if he wins, the world will turn upside down (maka hancurlah dunia ini). LOL! This boy really needs to build up his confidence if he wants to make it in this entertainment industry. His joke was far better than AC Mizal's. LOL! *wink*

Isma was up next wearing a flowing green dress and my first thought was why they can’t give her a more glamorous outfit befitting a final concert.

Then, when Isma performed with winds blowing; I understood why she was wearing that flowy dress. It was to give impact to the song, and I think it did. Her delivery of the song? The best that it could be with her already good vocals, but Misha Omar need not worry as Isma is no competition to her.

I had already put in my comments on Aril’s rendition of his new song in my earlier entry. However, I still feel that he should have been given a song that suited him, instead of just any song. I had hoped that Acis would do his magic for this song, but I was disappointed when the ending to the song was like very abrupt and hanging. I felt like there should have been more. It was like an anti-climax when it ended.

The fact that Aril got the lyrics to his song too late in the week affected his feel for the song, and thus his overall performance. The song will remain “Toksik” to him for a very long time to come unless he gets a new song quickly. I was, to say the least, very very disappointed and ‘terkilan’ with his song and his performance.

I know he tried to inject some impact into his performance with his showmanship, but, like I said, the song was simply too weak and horrible, it was near impossible to make the song big. I really pity him for getting such a lousy song not worthy of a final song that was to be his debut single. *sigh* I wish him luck!

Performances by the ex-students were just passable, with only Zizi and Qhoud making an impact. The rest, at best, were just another forgettable performance. However, I must say that Stacy's performance injected some fire into an almost cold night.

When it was time to announce the winners, the crowd went wild. I could not differentiate whether they were shouting for Aril, Akim or Hafiz as they all sounded almost the same, but, Aril and Hafiz’s names sounded the loudest. It was almost unpredictable who was going to be announced champion at that point. But, I knew that Hafiz will win (for his vocals), though deep inside, I would have wanted Aril to win (for his showmanship).

Like I said in my earlier posting, the results threw no impact on me as it was already to be expected. A result any other way would have only created a huge controversy that will be hard to die down and I think Astro has gone through enough controversies this season. I am sure they have had enough.

I believe it was a result fans of Hafiz will agree in unison, and fans of Aril will agree that it was the best way to keep Aril from being further lambasted and criticized. Aril needs to enter the real world with less criticism and hatred, so that he can get on with the real task of being a star icon. I hope that he will be given the opportunity to prove himself. I hope that some big producers will sign him up, and soon.

I must add that I agree with what Adlin said that Aril's potential is greater than winning the champion title. Let's just hope that Aril can prove him right.

Overall, I think many will agree with me that this year’s final concert was one of the worst and most forgettable concerts in the history of Akademi Fantasia. But, I will remember Aril's and Akim's performances for a long time to come.

To me, only Akim fits the tagline "Transformasi" to a T as you can see him transform from someone nerdy to someone with style. Coming in close is Yazid, followed by Aril, but Aril was already born cute. *wink* He just got cuter! LOL! *wink*

Isma shedded a few kilos and no longer look like a mother with 5 kids, but more like a hot twenty something. Only Hafiz pretty much remained the same. Even his hairstyle remains unchanged. *grin* He failed to be transformed.

Yeah! Yeah! Someone's going to tell me that he is good already, and so he does not need to be transformed. Everyone knows that to be good, you still have room to improve, no matter how good you are. Everyone has to go through some sort of transformation as part of developing and progressing forward.

Oh well! Only time will tell who will actually make it into this hard and cruel industry. I wish them all the best of luck!

So, will we be looking at season 8 next year? If we are, I hope AC Mizal gets booted out first. LOL! *wink*

**note - photos taken from mstar online.


Segenit Puteri Bunian said...

unbelievable..did u just read my mind?? *LOL* semua yg u tulis tuh reflects mine.Yeah, syg sekali juara yg diangkat tu xsehebat mana.

But it's good to know that Aril & Akim dah berlepas ke Indon. Hafiz hanya muncul di Gala Tv..Huhu.. Now we can see who's really good and who's not. Astro dah tunjuk taring. Makan hati la penyokong Hafiz!

chekdenoor said...

Puteri Bunian....aril dan akim g indonesia...buat drama atau rakam single sangat kalau aril dapat single lain...hope sangat......

i ada 3 tengok aril...wah...kalau dapat anak lelaki rupa cam neyr...tapi...hmmm dah takleh dah....dah kena pencen...heheheheh

busymum100 said...


Thank you for the lengthy report - really appreciate it. Now that the final was an unforgetable concert, I
can just totally forget it and not bother to watch the repeat when I get back.

Isma singingt a song penned by hubby? That really dropped her vote! Remember when she sang duet with him, the same thing happened.

I think Akim was the luckiest guy, to "escape" every week from elimination, and eventually transformed so much.

I don't think I'll follow AF8, especially if AC M is still the compere - he's so annoying to me!!

I just wish all the kids all the best. Let's see who will last..

BTW, ni baru dapat access internet, but not for long *sad*.

Za said...

oh! But, Sabariah, don't you want to see Hafiz dance? *wink*

Segenit Puteri! Yup! I read your mind! LOL! *wink*

Saya tak sabar nak tahu dan tengok apa muzikal drama yang Akim & Aril terlibat!

Chekdenoor, tak dapat anak lelaki mcm Aril, bermenantukan aje Aril! *wink* oopps! Anak kecil lagi ya?