Sunday, May 10, 2009

A sneak peak!

Despite having a bad case of diarrhea yesterday, I managed to complete it as all I could do yesterday was sit in front of the TV. I was too weak to do any household chores, but rather than just sit around doing nothing, I decided to work on the bag, though at a very slow pace.

I completed the second crochet bag last night at 9.21pm as I sat watching the Akademi Fantasia concert last night! Yipppee!

However, I can’t reveal the whole bag just yet as it is going to someone whose birthday is coming up soon. *wink*

Today, I started on a 3rd bag which is also going to someone whose birthday is also coming up soon. Here’s a sneak peak of both bags - the 2nd bag is on the left and the 3rd bag is on the right……..*wink*

Both will be revealed soon, so, keep a look out! *wink*

BTW, I also completed the Lizzie Kate “Home is where we share” piece I started on March 23, 2009, while I waited for Aiman to attend his Saturday classes, which I blogged about it here.

This piece did not take me that long to do as, I like said in my blog earlier, it is quite an easy piece to do. I am now back working on the LHN “The Counting House” piece which had taken a back seat when I started on this piece 3 months ago.

I hope to complete this piece in a couple of months as I won’t be working much on it until I complete the 3rd crochet bag. After that, I also have the ABC quilt which I am way behind. I really need to get into the quilting mood again very soon. For now, I have been bitten by the crochet bag bug!I blame it all on Mel! LOL! *wink*

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