Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a FORGETTABLE concert!

No, I did not make a mistake in the spelling. The final concert was one of the most forgettable concert in the history of Akademi Fantasia. There is nothing about the concert that sticks to my mind at the moment. Well, okay, except for the fact that Aril was cute! LOL! *wink*

I think it's the choice of songs, regardless of whether it was the cover version or the new songs, none of the songs were outstanding. None of the kids' performance were outstanding. Nothing sticks to your mind. It was just like watching another weekly concert instead of the finals. Even the weekly concerts were far more memorable and unforgettable. I still remember Aril's amazing performances in the 7th and the 5th concert.

AC Mizal's bad hosting and silly jokes made it even worse. Aznil was there in the audience. I just wished that he was on stage instead of AC Mizal. Enough is enough. Please replace him for the next season if there is going to be an 8th season. Please, don't torture us further, Astro.

I expected Hafiz to win (the only way it will appease fans of Hafiz, and yes, Hafiz has a great voice, and yes, he deserves to win), but had someone else won, it would have created a greater impact to the already bland night, and the papers tomorrow will be going to town with a great story. But, as Hafiz won, as any other result would only get fans of Hafiz (the fanatic ones) mad with Astro, complaining non-stop, and accusing Astro of playing favouritsim or fixing the results, it wasn't a surprising enough news to grab the headlines.

I know fans of Hafiz (not all of them, but the fanatic ones) will not like me saying this, but, had Akim or Aril won, it would have created a huge surprise and an impact as one concert that many will remember for a very long time to come because of the surprising and unexpected headlines, and will overshadow the weaknessese of the concert.

The headlines might read as "The underdog that went on to become a champion" if Akim won, or "The first AFMASUK to create history by winning the most coveted title!" had Aril won.

Even if Yazid had won it would have created an impact of sorts that many will be talking about for a very long time to come, whether to condemn or to praise. But, as it was Hafiz that won - as expected by many (Me? I just want the fans of Hafiz to be happy so that they will stop condemning Aril - macam bagi gula-gula kat budak-budak to keep them quiet *wink*), the newspaper headlines will just be a normal one with not much of an impact. The New Sunday Times today just reads "Hafiz Tops AF7".

Anyway, my congrats to Hafiz for being crowned the champion tonight. He does have a great voice, though he has got to work on his showmanship.

My congrats to all the finalists too. They did the best that they can with the lousy songs that they got. At least they deserve the standing ovation for putting on their best show that they can with all the constraints. Now, it's to wait and see how many of them will actually survive in the real world.

Just to put in a little comment on Aril's performance last night, I must say that I was a little disappointed with Aril's new song. The fact that he got the lyrics to his song so late in the week sort of affected his performnace as he could not get the feel for the song.

I agree with Adlin that I could not understand the song. The melody to the song was terrible. I understand why Aril said that the song just wasn't him. Why in the world did Astro chose that song makes me wonder. I thought we had many great talents in the music industry - Ajai, M Nasir, Roslan Aziz, Adnan Abu Hassan and many more. Why take from the unknown? It is, after all, the final concert. Only the best will do for the final concert. Did Astro not think this through?

I know that Aril could have done a better job with his performance. He proved it at the 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th concert that he has got the talent to dance, play act and sing all at the same time, and that he has got what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry.

He could have done some dance routine. But, because he couldn't feel the song, he couldn't get creative to come up with some sort of dance steps. I even felt that the ending of his song was like hanging and abrupt. The ending was kind of like an anti-climax. I pity Aril. I think he wanted to do more, but couldn't. I am glad that he at least tried some sort of gimmick by jumping almost 3 feet down from the stage and doing a somersault just to try to create an impact, but the song was too weak to create the impact that he wanted.

Changing Aril's song would have fans of Hafiz going to town again complaining and condemning Aril, Astro and the faculty. *sigh*

The song, to say the least, is best forgotten. In fact, I think all the new songs are best forgotten. *sigh* Such a pity to what was supposed to be a climatic night. *SIGH*

I hope that Aril will get some new songs for his first album, and I hope that it will be soon, VERY SOON!

I wish Aril all the best in the real world. I wish all the finalist the best of luck to face the real world!

It's finally time to lower the curtains on Akademi Fantasia for this year. My saturday nights in front of the TV will be boring again as I sit and fold my weekly laundry, but my hubby will be VERY happy to have back the remote control to the TV! LOL! *wink*

Thank you to all fans of Akademi Fantasia who have followed by blog this season. I apologised if any of what I have wrote on AF might have hit a few sore points, but I only speak of what I think. It is my personal opinion, and you do not necessarily have to agree with me.

It had been a fun season, though it was tattered with lots of controversies. I salute the production team of Astro and the faculty for their patience and perseverance to go through all the accusations thrown at them. They did a great job!

To readers of my blog who follows my entry on AF, I hope you all had fun reading what I have to say. Thank you for agreeing with me. Bite your lips and move on if you don't.

Till next year, if there is a season 8, take care, everyone!

P/S Coming up next ...."A Final Comment" on the concert

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chekdenoor said...

aha...i pun tak suka dengan lagu baru aril...tapi diacuba juga untuk buat yg terbaik.

Paling sedih bila aril tanya adlin...sure dia akleh datang kenduri adlin...sebab takut rosak kenduri tu ....kesian dia kan....actually dia sedar apa yang berlaku harap dia tabah.

Tak sabar nak tunggu aril rakam single terbaru yang lain....harap sangat ada pihak ambil tindakan segera untuk aril.....kita doakan jer

Segenit Puteri Bunian said...

hi dear,

I'm totally agree with u.Kalu la letak point saty-satu mmmg xcukup space kat sini.Mmg I xpuas ati jugak aril dpt lagu baru yg xbest tu. I wonder saper la yg buat lagu tu.So pathetic! Tp kalu aril nk tukar lagu, for sure ramai yg bising.kontroversi lagi.kesian aril.mangsa keadaan. cuba la kalu hafiz yg dapat lagu tu. pasti kena bakar stadium bukit jalil tuh.

Yes, hafiz has a great voice.Tp i tgk every weeks showmanship dia sgt la biasa.Xde satu pun melekat kat ingatan. Aril nyer sampai hari ni I dok teringat lagi aksi terguling dia dlm konsert ke7.. He's purely a talented icon.

Betul u cakap kalu akim or aril yg menang, it would create a phenomenal impact.Unexpected thing. Tapi pasti ramai pulak yg mengeji aril. Tak sanggup!!!!

For me la kan,utk apa jadi juara kalu xleh jual.Antara 14pelajar tu, I rasa only Aril yg ada X Factor. Agree tak?

Huh,kalu nak citer memang pjg lar jadinyer. But it's nice to know you, dear. It's nice to know aril's supporter like me *wink*

Za said...

Nice to `meet' you too, Puteri Bunian! Nice to know someone that shares the same opinion as you. :)