Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Who shall it be?

I waited in anticipation of the Diary last night but was a little bit disappointed as I expected Sarimah to announce something different with regards to the AFMASUK. I was hoping that there will be something different to the approach in bringing back one or two of the ex-students into the Akademi.

I was hoping that Astro would have a concert of sorts by the ex-students, and the voters will decide from there who should deserve a place into the finals. I was also hoping that maybe Astro would announce that Aishah be given another chance, like a wild card or sorts, into the Akademi, and then the voters would only vote for another person back into the Akademi.

I was also hoping that the voting method would be a little different though I can't really say how different I want it to be, but I just wanted it to be different than from the previous AFMASUK. But, yesterday, it was just like any other AFMASUK they had during the season 2 and 4 of AF.

Was I expecting too much? Probably if I didn't (expect too much), then I wouldn't have been too disappointed, right? AF is known to have done many things out of the unexpected, so, I was just hoping again for the unexpected, but, I guess, this time around, it did not come. It was just another Diary last night. *sigh* Or, maybe that was the unexpected? What you expected became the unexpected! Opps! Did I just got everyone confused? LOL! *wink*

It would be nice IF, that's a BIG `IF' Astro would bring back in 3 ex-students to make it 7 finalists in conjunction with season 7 of AF. One student is brought in via sms, one is chosen by the Critics (Pengritik Mingguan) and one chosen by the Faculty. That would be nice as it would fulfill everyone's wishes - the voters, the Critics, and the Faculty who have worked so hard to mold these kids from no one to someone. Wouldn't that be great?

Fat hopes, huh? But, nothing wrong in hoping and wishing, right? *wink*

This would be my choice into the FINALS from the pool of ex-students - Aishah, Aril and Zizi.

Why Aishah?

Because she has worked hard, and if you were to look back from the first week she was in the Akademi till now, she has improved a lot. Her confidence level has increased, though she is still very shy, but, that is what appeal you to her - shy, demure and innocent.

Why Zizi?

Because I like her husky voice and I think she's got the potential and almost fulfills the package of an entertainer.

Why Aril?


No, seriously...well, seriously I do like him *grin*, but I also think that he has got the right element (package) to make it big into this cruel and insane entertainment world.

I know it will be very hard for him to be a champion knowing very well how fanatic most fans of Hafiz are (my personal opinion and you don't necessarily have to agree) in crowning Hafiz as the champion, but I will be most happy just having him in the finals (him being a champion would be a HUGE bonus!) just to see him perform again with his very own song, with the hope that his song will hit the top charts faster than you can blink an eye. LOL! *wink* That's a figure of speech! *wink*

I just know (shall I say wish and hope? *grin*) that he will be easily snapped up by big recording companies if they are able to see how talented he is. Didn't Pricipal Tiara said that he has the right package to be an Ikon? I believe her. Don't you? *wink*

**notes - photos taken from Klubbkidd.


chekdenoor said...

Hai za,

I setuju dengan ulasan u kali ini.... hmmm u ada point yang baik... 7 peserta final...ok juga tu.

Za...u perasan tak....Hafiz fans was crazy...giler... now a days....

I notice ...mereka ni asyik salahkan ramai pihak jika apa-apa sj tentang hafiz dipaparkan tak baik ditv.... seperti kes gaduh..kes pinggan....kes mp3 dan banyak lagi....... dan ada juga yang marah-marah sangat tentang ARIL sebagai anak emas...konon nyer .....

Kekadang i selalu rasa ..ARIl ini teraniaya dengan semua spekulasi yang dibangkitkan oleh setengah pihak yg hanya fikir bagaimana nak jaga pelajar kegemaran mereka...... kesian juga kan.....

I suka af...kekadang i harap juga ada seorg anak i yg boleh joint af....tapi semua anak-anak i kata...joint af seperti menjerat diri supaya terdedah kepada kutukan melampau..... hmmmm... ada juga betulnya tu kan......

So...u dah mula undi AFMASUK ker? ....i belum.... mungkin nak juga tapi tunggu jumaat kot...hehehehe (sabtu tak boleh ..takut terlewat sgt dah)

I am Karl said...

I like & support ARIL too

I ada wat entry khas psl AFMASUK ARIL..