Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lunch at 7.00pm!

Yup! On Friday, work has been so hectic that I only had time to have my lunch when I got home at 7.00pm. All I had all day was a cup of Nescafe and a slice of bread at 6.15am before leaving for work.

I chaired a meeting in the morning, and even though light refreshments were served, I did not have time to even take a bite as I was the chairperson, except to get a sip or two of nescafe.

I made a quick outing lunch time to get some stash for my crochet bag project, and bought `nasi campur’ (mixed rice) at an open hawker stall along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman with the intention to have my lunch in my office as I would still have about 20 minutes of lunch time before it would be back to work for me. I hardly go out for long lunch breaks these days as work is always piling up sky high.

However, when I tried to start my car, it just wouldn’t start up. It just went dead. All I could hear was a clicking sound. I called my hubby but he was still in Jumaat prayers. Luckily there was this boy who was selling those car polishing staff walking around the parking lot, and so I called him to help me see what was wrong with the car.

He did some fiddling with the battery connectors (sorry, I am no car expert *grin*), and I managed to get the car to start. As I drove back to the office, my hubby called and we went to the workshop to get the car fixed.

By the time we got the car fixed, I was already late getting back in to work. Even before I could put down my packed lunch, calls were already coming in and my staffs were coming in and out of my room asking me to look into matters. I had piles of letters to clear, and before I knew it, it was already 6.30pm!

I was getting mentally and physically exhausted and decided to head home.

It was already 7.00pm when I got home. I thought I’d wait for my hubby and son to come home first to have an early dinner, but, my tummy was growling so much and I was already starting to get a headache, so, I decided to have the packed lunch that I had bought earlier at 2.00pm.

Nothing to it, except that the next morning, I had a bad case of diarrhea. It could be because I had my lunch so late that my tummy was already filled up with gastric juice thus causing me to have the diarrhea, or, it could be because I had my lunch packed up and mixed together since 2.00pm, and maybe some of the food (lauk) had already gone bad by 7.00pm, though I could not taste anything bad when I ate it. Could it be because I was too hungry to even notice? LOL!

It could also be that the food already had bacteria in it when I bought it as I had bought the food at an open hawker stall along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman as it was exposed to all the dust and dirt from passing cars and whatever that was flying in the air. Gulp!

So, yesterday, though I managed to bring Aiman for his usual Saturday classes, I spent quite a lot of time going in and out of the toilet. I couldn’t wait to get home.

When I got home, all I could do was sit in front of the TV as I was too weak from the diarrhea to do anything else. To make matters worse, my hubby developed a slight fever, and he ended up sleeping for most part of yesterday. I am glad that Aiman was well, so we need not have to worry about him, but he was attention deprived yesterday when both of us could not spend time entertaining him.

After a couple of rounds of medication, I am feeling better today, but, unfortunately, my hubby developed diarrhea too today. Even as I write this, he is still having diarrhea and is sleeping from feeling weak.

I could not actually figure out what could be the cause of our diarrhea as Aiman was well yesterday and today, thank God, and he ate almost the same thing we did for dinner. But, he did have a case of diarrhea on Friday morning when I sent him to school. I had to practically rush him to the toilet in school. But, after that, he told me he was fine.

I hope that my hubby will be up and about soon as he has taken another dose of the diarrhea medication after lunch today. It worries me to see him lying sleeping all day when he is usally up and about on weekends.

Get well soon, hubby! Hugs!

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