Saturday, May 30, 2009

A gift from Sweden!

As if getting presents from the US was not enough, on Thursday, I received a gift from Sweden! *wink*

Late last year, NNC organized a Birthday Exchange, which was actually initiated by me, but, as it came time to draw the partners, I find myself tied up with so many things at work that I could not find time to get around to setting up the partners, and I was running out of time as the end of the year drew closer.

I think I had more on my platter than I could handle. Kind hearted Margaret came to my rescue and offered to take it off my shoulder. Thank you so much, Margaret! I owe you one! *wink*

So, it was decided that the birthday partners shall be a secret. My partner’s birthday has yet to come, but I have almost everything ready, except for the card, and hopefully, when it is time to mail it out, I hope that I won’t find myself too busy to make the trip to the post office.

Anyway, on Thursday, 28th May, which was actually my sister’s birthday, a package arrived while I was in a meeting. My assistant placed it on my table in my room, and eagerly awaited for me to come back. The reason? He was eyeing all the lovely stamps on the package, because it was a package coming all the way from Sweden! LOL!

I told him that I will part with a few of the stamps when I have opened up the package, but, unfortunately, I could not find time to open up the package until I got home much later that day as I had work piling up, and letters for the day to clear. I only left the office at 7.00pm that day.

When I got home, as soon as I got dinner ready, I ripped open the package! LOL!

There were 3 individually wrapped packages inside the standard A4 size envelope, each tied up with ribbons. One even had a crocheted little motif on it. Very nice!

When I opened all 3 packages, I was in awe of what I saw before me. In the biggest package was this so lovely quilted runner in a block that I am not familiar what the name is for it, though I have seen it in some magazines before this. What is it called, Ulla?

The second biggest package contained what I think is a potholder, in a matching design to the table runner. Ooohhh! I think it is too pretty to be used as a potholder!

The 3rd package got me even more in awe as there were not one, but TWO very lovely quilted pouches in two different sizes made with very brightly coloured fabrics that was really eye catching!

The workmanship? AWESOME! I simply love the colours and it was simply ME all over the pouch, as it had bright PINK flowers on them! LOL!

As if the pouch was not enough, Ulla even added a small mirror in a casing in the smaller pouch. It was so cute! It’s definitely going into my makeup bag! *wink*

Thank you so much, Ulla, for all the lovely gifts! They are all so awesome! I love them all! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Hugs!

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