Friday, May 15, 2009

You can never please everyone.....

.....especially when that person/s can never be satisfied no matter what you do. Buat salah, tak buat pun salah. All they know what to do is to complain, and complain they will, no matter what you do. In plain simple english, they are just looking for reasons to complain and to find faults onto others but never onto themselves.

Before I am being accused of generalising, I just want to say that I am saying this to those that have been complaining and making lots of noise non-stop ever since the Akademi Fantasia started some 10 weeks ago. Siapa yang makan cili akan terasa pedasnya.

First, they complain that their dear Hafiz is not being focused enough in the diary. They complain that Astro is not being fair, and accused Astro of playing favouritism when Astro focussed mostly on Aril and Yazid, the more colourful characters that lights up the diaries.

For making so much noise, I noticed that Astro started showing more of Hafiz in the diaries. Were they satisfied? No! They look for other things to complain - that Hafiz was given a boring song each week while the other kids were given the popular songs to sing. Err......didn't Hafiz get "Terlanjur Cinta" which is currently topping the Weekly Top Charts in Era?

Didn't Hafiz also got Aizat's "Lagu Kita" and Aznil's "Toyol", both songs that have topped the charts before? "Lagu Kita" is still in the top 10 charts.

Hafiz also got "I Believe I Can Fly", which he sang beautifully, but they never thanked Astro for it. They said that Hafiz sang the song well because he is a great singer. Astro had nothing to do with it.

Did that stop them complaining? No! They started saying that Hafiz should be given songs that will challenge his vocals and prove that he is a great singer. But, when Hafiz was given "Kau Yang Punya", which I believe Astro meant was to prove his vocals, the complaining fans went to town to complain that Astro was being unfair, that the song shouldn't be included in a competition as it was a rap song. Zizi sang a rap song with no problems at all when she sang Farid Harja's "Ini Rindu".

The next thing they complained about was the slot given to Hafiz to perform. When Hafiz was slotted to perform last or second last (I think it was during the first, second and 5th concert), they complained that fence sitters would not have enough time to vote for Hafiz as these fence sitters would only normally vote after each kid performs.

So, if these fence sitters voted after Hafiz performs, their votes might not get through to Astro in time before the voting is closed. So, subsequent concerts after that, Hafiz was slotted in earlier.

For the final concert, using the 9th week's concert votes to determine the slot to perform, as Hafiz got 1st placing, Astro has slotted Hafiz to perform first, thus giving plenty of time for fence sitters (they argue that there are no fence sitters during the final concert - another reason to complain?) to vote for Hafiz.

Are they happy? No! Now, they are complaining that Hafiz should be slotted in last as they say that as in any big and prestigious events, the best is always saved for last. they think that Hafiz is so great? That only Hafiz is the best? What about Yazid and Akim and Isma? I don't even want to mention Aril less it might get them even madder!

Akim is already starting to make his mark, and I am getting more and more impressed with him. Compare Akim with Hafiz, I'd rather have Akim as a champion than Hafiz as Akim is more matured, and he has been transformed since the audition days.

Although I agree that Hafiz has a great voice, but, compare him to Akim, Akim has begun to develop some interesting characters, but Hafiz has pretty much remained the same throughout the 10 weeks. I am also beginning to like listening to Akim. To me, Hafiz's voice might be great, but, that is about it. I find his character uninteresting, though I must say that he has a cute face. But, so has Akim and, eerr...dare I say, Aril? LOL! *wink*

These fans have not stopped complaining. They complain about almost anything and everything. They feel that Hafiz should be given this, should have that, is not being given this, should not be have to do that and blah blah blah.....

They feel that Hafiz is too good for anything and everything that Astro has to offer. I feel that Astro has heard them and acted upon many of their complaints, but yet, they still complain. I don't think these kind of people will ever be satisfied no matter what you do.

They find faults in Astro, in the production team, in the faculty, in the other kids, but never in themselves and in Hafiz. Are they so great? Is Hafiz so great?

Only time will tell when, after Saturday, we will see who among the 5 finalists will actually make it in this cruel and insane entertainment industry. Then we shall see who is actually great among the five.

My bet is on Isma, Akim, and, of course, Aril. Hafiz might make it, and I might even like his songs, but, don't bet on it that I will go crazy over him enough to want to buy his album.

I am looking forward to buying Aril's album, and maybe even Akim's!

**note - photo taken from sultanmuzaffar


chekdenoor said...

Za, i sokong pendapat u.

Aril mendapat lirik lagu barunya yang paling akhir, tetapi peminat aril tidak pula menjerit dan marah-marah akan kelewatan ini.... bayangkan kalau hal ini terjadi kepada hafiz.

Kes hasrul marahkan yazid, siap perli=perli lagi tentang aril dan pengaruhnya terhadap disiplin yazid, itupun peminat aril tak memperbesarkan isunya...tapi bila kes angelina minta hafiz buat nombor last dari belakang...wah...siap di highlightkan dalam komen blog badrul........

kalau diingati semula, Hafiz belum pernah buat persembahan pertama dalam setiap konset salahnya kali ini dia perfome first......

Za...kekadang ia rasa, astro pun perasan juga, bagaimana peminat hafiz terlalu finatik dengan kehebatan hafiz sehinggakan mereka ini ibarat tebuan yang asyik buat bising dan sanggup menyengat sesiapa sahaja yang mengusik sarang mereka.

Chekdee mengundi banyak juga untuk aril kali ini, sebab chekdee selalu merasakan, dalam af kali ini sebenarnya yang teraniaya ialah aril.....

Oleh kerana aril ini budak kl....perlakuannya lebih out spoken...maka...ramai org kat luar sini yg tidak backup dia..... yang backup aril hanyalah budak-budak remaja sahaja dan suara mereka tidak sekuat suara blogers badrul(Ketua batu api fans hafiz)...... so...semasa aril terkeluar dahulu...actually sebab-sebab yg chekde tulis dahulu sememangnya sangat releven.... tapi.... cam tulah...siapalah kita kan......

Katalah aril menang...sebab kita-kita pun terus mengundi...dan jumlahnya besar...hanya kita yg tahu....tetapi...sure fans hafiz akan menjerit dan melaungkan perkataan....KONSPIRASI .....

sebenarnya...mereka yang mereka konspirasi itu...... tapi ....siapalah kita nak berkata-kata....kan

I am Karl said...

i nk beli album ARIL je

whatever it is



TadeName said...

Za & Chekde & para penyokong Aril... bawak betenang...

Jgn risau dgn pandangan penyokong pelajar lain ttg Aril... Aku percaya rata2 penyokong pelajar lain tk benci pd Aril... mereka cuma tk puas hati dgn Astro...

Biasa la bila pesaingan sengit, mcm2 perasaan ada, suka, risau, takut... AF dulu pon ada org tk senang dgn Bob, tk senang dgn Aizat... tp lepas AF semua reda & tengok mcmana depa skrg... Jgn risau, aku pecaya dgn kebolehan Aril & adanya penyokong2 mcm kita, dia pon boleh berjaya lepas AF7... buat masa skrg kita buat je apa yg patut...


p/s...aku pon tk sabar menunggu Album Aril...

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the blog owner and the above commenters. I felt the victim in all this so called controversy is Aril and not the Juara. Hafiz fans actually played this game better and they are backed by an influential blogger who is also one of the main critics for an entertainment website whereas the bloggers that favour Aril are more lenient and prefers not to fuss on such small matters as they felt AF7 is only a stepping stone in this industry and not all finalist can survive in the real world.

From the beginning they have always condemned Aril and make sure any improvement made by him is criticize not as great as the other students especially Hafiz. As we all are aware, Hafiz has already been put in another level and it is not wrong for us to expect greater things from him. Frankly speaking, I just don't see any improvement at all from him since the earlier concert except on the stylist effort to do some transformation on his hair e.g. head bando thingy and back combed hair. In the end, the hair remains. So even that was not transformed. A Juara should be someone who not only has good vocals but also showmanship as well. I just don't get it. Aura. What aura? I just don't feel it. I found my mind actually wanders off in the middle of Hafiz 1st song. He is that mediocre on that particular perfomance. If Eddrie said Aril pancit (due to his vocal capability), Hafiz also didn't show such great vocal in his 1st song. He was actually out of breath. He was quite disappointing on both songs. Adlin tried to explain this but decided against it as his fans managed to stop him with their clappings for fear of hearing the truth.

I believed the production team has been duped by all this controversy and tried to minimised it by doing exactly what Hafiz fans wants and I also believed this all started when Aril started to show his capability / showmanship say in week 5 onwards.

Anyways, I hoped fans of Aril will continue supporting him as I will. If he has an album and it is with good songs, don't forget to buy it. If he has a concert nearby your place, go and see him perform and if he has a song nominated, vote for him so that he will always be remembered. This is not hard to do and not that expensive compared to the hundreds of RM we paid to AFMASUK and AFUNDI him.

For me Aril is a new phenomena in our music industry. As Adlin rightly said, he deserved his place in the finals.

Plus, he is cute as well! *wink*

Fans from Negeri Di Bawah Bayu

Za said...

Fans from Negeri Di Bawah Bayu,

Support him we will. I can't wait for his album! I can't wait to see him perform on stage again!