Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Brother!

My brother, Azan's birthday is on the 25th of May, a Monday. But, on that day, he will be going to Johor for a month long course, so, yesterday we decided to take him out for an early birthday lunch.

Initially we had planned on taking him to Bibi Wok at Bandar Puteri, Puchong, but, as we needed to get a present for a cousin's new born baby, we had to make a stop at IOI Mall in Puchong. When we got to IOI Mall, we chanced upon this restaurant that had just opened the day before at the new wing of IOI Mall. It was still receiving bouquets of flowers, congratulating it on it's opening.

We couldn't help getting curious to know what it was serving, and so walked in to inquire. I was sold on the array of food laid out at its buffet counter, and thus made a reservation for lunch. In the mean time, we went shopping for a baby gift, and some necessities.

When it was 1.00pm, we headed back to the restaurant, but not before I snapped a photo or two of the new wing of IOI Mall.

Seen here is the corridor connecting the old part of the mall with the new wing.

The restaurant, called Seoul Garden, serves korean style BBQ and steamboat. We immediately got ourselves settled and helped ourselves to the arrays of food laid out.

I would have taken snap shots of the buffet table if I could have gathered enough courage to ask for permission, but, I wasn't in one of those moods, though I did take many photos of the whole lunch affair.

My brother, Ayis, was also snapping away with his sophisticated camera.

Towards the end of our lunch, I asked one of the waiter if they could sing a birthday song to my brother. They kindly obliged, but not before they went for several rounds of practice, as we could hear them rehearsing at the back! LOL!

You see, the restaurant next door, Breek, managed by the same company, has yet to be opened, and so, they have not yet to get use into the habit of singing birthday songs to customers! LOL! So, Azan, you are the first! Now that is some birthday!

We didn't bring a cake as it wasn't really planned on a birthday song to be sung, and neither was I expecting that the waiter would actually oblige. *grin* But, as they did, it was kind of fun! LOL! *grin*

To top off the birthday song, the head waitress brought Azan a secial dessert from it's yet to be opened Breek restaurant, called Towering Chocolate.

It was really yummy, and my nephew, Ayin, and Aiman simply could not get enough of it! LOL!

I hope Azan had enjoyed his early birthday treat.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Azan! May you be blessed with many great things to come. Love you! Hugs!

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Azie said...

my youngest brother share the same birthday with your brother. so we are all the Geminians... !!