Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A drawback?

My sister wrote in her blog that I write very well, is very intelligent *blush*, and has all the knacks of being the almost perfect wife. She said that I can cook very well... adding that my carrot walnut cakes are the best ever!! Thanks, Lin! But, she also said that my craziness for handicraft is my drawback.

Hmm........is it really? But, why? Because I am absolutely crazy about handicrafts, it becomes a drawback? Some people spend all day reading a novel. It that a drawback? It is, if you forget to prepare dinner for the family. Would spending time socializing all day also be considered a drawback too? *shrug*

I have never forgotten to put dinner or any meal, for that matter, on the table for my family, except when I am too sick to get up, or when I am at work, no matter how much into my hobby I am in. My family has always been my first priority. I schedule my stitching meets or sewing classes around my son's schedule and with my hubby's blessings each time.

My crafts are what keeps me sane in this insane and ever challenging world. It has gotten me through many ups and downs. Whenever things in the office gets too much for me to handle, when others resort to shopping clothes and handbags to release stress, I would keep to my craft room and stitch.

Even as I stitch, my mind would be constantly thinking, reflecting back on the day's events or things that worries me. It is a time not only for reflecting back, but also a time for me to think things through. Did I make the right decision? What should I do next? Should I do this or that? I plan my days ahead and weeks as I stitch. It is a time when I am very much at ease, and I can think better. My creative writing juice normally flows as I sit and stitch. I play it in my mind over and over again before I actually put it down on paper, err...... type it into the computer.

My hubby has always said that I have never failed to amaze him, since the day that we met, with the things that I can do, and he meant that in a very positive way. He never thought that I could cook, what more bake, sew and do many other crafts. He has always been very supportive of my hobbies and has many times driven me to meet up with my stitching friends, brought me to hobby and crafts shops, and anything related to crafts. I love him for that, among many other traits of him that I love, of course! *wink*

He understands my need to stay creative, though not necessarily to design buildings. Now that I am at the management level, and although I do not do that much designing in the office anymore, it is a stressful job managing projects, and it can really get to me sometimes. So, when I am at home, I need something that will put in at ease and in a relax mood.

He understands my need to have a time of my own, like he needs a time of his own to do his own things. While he goes jogging or to the gym, I would retreat to my craft room to do my many hobbies.

My hubby has said many times that he is thankful that I am not into buying all those leather goods and expensive clothes each time we go travelling overseas. Even though the stash that I buy looks like a lot, but when you add them together, they will never surpass the price of leather goods. Leather goods will be worn out after awhile, but my crafts can later on be passed to the next generation who appreciates the effort and love put into each piece that I do. I hope that someday all my stitching and the crafts that I do will be heirloom pieces that can be passed on to many generations down.

It is through my stitching and my many hobbies that I have met so many wonderful people online and in person who shares the same interest and passion with me, who will not look down on me for my craziness in my crafts, for we understand each other and we are all just as crazy and passionate about the crafts that we do.

It is through my stitching friends too that I have gained more confidence to move forward in my crafts, in life too, to advance to a higher level, and to try something new. I am always looking to better myself, because, who knows, I might someday be able to realise my dream of owning my own shop one day, though not necessarily to make a living, but to fulfill my need to set up my own shop.

My hubby supports my dream to someday open up my own craft shop, and it is his support that is most important to me, whether my craziness for my craft is a drawback or not.


Anonymous said...


Amazing progress on your Chatelaine, I may be just a bystander - but am really enjoying seeing how those delicious colours develop.
Got to say, am quite taken aback by your Sis's negative thoughts towards crafting. I wonder if this is just her mindset or a cultural difference. I thought Malaysia had a long history of support for arts and crafts; fabrics like batik/ selangor pewter/ sulam embroidery/ peranakan beading/ kite making etc etc.
In Aust. being "crafty" is seen as a positive, usually someone with the attributes of patience and creativity. While the rest of the population blob in front of the telly we make the most of our time to produce something beautiful to decorate and even enhance our homes with.
I really belive it's no coincidence that some of Aust's craft blogs with the biggest fllowings and who receive a lot of press belong to crafting architects. eg
Jess ;-)

Azmanam said...

She's a LAWYER, what do u expect? :)

In the good old days of Dr M, lawyers were an endangered species. It was a stressful time for her and her kind. It could be delayed trauma. So I think we should give your dear sis bit of leeway...


ShannyK-L said...

A drawback?!? Hmmm I think there's something wrong with you're sister... No offence, but my mum & sis says the same thing!! Oh well, I guess that they have the right to express their own opinions right? I totally keeps the creative juices flowing and also gives us time to reflect the day's events. I mean without having a hobby, one would be boring! :p Where else would I meet wonderful people if I'm not into crafting?

Crafters are positive people! ;)

Za said...

*smile* Agree with you on that, Shanny, that crafters are such positive people! *wink*

Jess, thanks for the link to the Architects' blog. Now I know I am not `weird' nor crazy! LOL! *wink*


D.A.N.I.A said...

Humm ya agree that everybody have the right to express their own opinions.

Read what another crafter/blogger have to say about craft/hobby as a way to lower the risk of getting hypertension. Well just an opinion, right????


Ying Pang, said...

I understand your craziness because I am crazy too:-) Just because crafting!:-)