Friday, April 25, 2008

A movie director in the making?

My son has been taking up junior animation class for the past 2 months on every Saturday. It is a class he really enjoys and looks forward to going each week, besides the junior engineering class. The art class now has become his third choice. Hmm...looks like he is not going to take after his mummy and abah, huh? LOL! More like taking after his Atok who is an engineer, though a Civil Engineer , or maybe his Uncle Ayis, who is an Eletronics Engineer? Could be following in Cik Eli's footsteps too! *wink*

Anyway, he finally made a movie which I think deserves to be put up to 'show off' *wink* to his cousins and friends. Though it still needs a lot of work, it's a start, and an interest I hope to develope further.

I have never uploaded a media file before at this blog, so I hope this works. So, here goes! Enjoy!


Azmanam said...

Very refreshing! I think the director has made a good, angst-free adaptation to an oft-told and sometimes emotionally-loaded 'David vs Goliath' sub genre (as in Rachid Bouchareb's Indigenes)and using latest animation technique has given hope to many independent movie producers that an alternative viewpoint is possible. Plus, samuel perez's perky music lends a certain drama to it, but not to much.
Thumbs Up!

ShannyK-L said...

GREAT WORK BOTH OF YOU! *clap*clap*clap*clap....

That's how kids learn to "fly"; by taking small steps! ;)