Saturday, April 12, 2008

A proud moment!

Yes, it was a proud moment for us, as parents, today when Aiman and his team won first place in his Sports' Day Telematch.

He participated in the KDU Tower Telematch using empty soft drink cans to build a tower. It was a proud moment for him and his friends as they ran around rejoicing the win! It was obvious the excitement that he felt looking at this photo of him with the the gold trophy. *smile*

Last year, his team managed only a bronze, so, it was a big joy to win a gold. Well, who wouldn't rejoice a gold win, right? *wink*

Winning a gold was something he had been dreaming off since the day he failed to complete his swimming competition last year. That was a big disappointment for him, as any child would, when all they could talk about was winning. Who doesn't want to win, but, to a child his age, losing was a big thing.

So much was his disappointment in not winning the swimming competition last year, that he already told me just a few days ago that he does not want to compete in the swimming competition this year. I am a little disappointed with his decision, but I do not want to push him. I am just hoping that, in time, he will change his mind.

Here is a photo of him with one of his team-mates, Bryan. Just look at that wide grin! *smile*

Below is a photo with a classmate, Nina.

Here, with Abah, the proud parent. *smile*

BTW, both my hubby and I were dressed in RED in support of my son and his RED house. *grin* By coincidence, both my hubby and I were also in RED house during our school days.

My son has got ambition to win many more trophies. He has asked that I build him a cabinet to showcase all his trophies. Err...but, at the moment, there are only two trophies. So, I told him I will get him the cabinet when he has collected a few more trophies. I hope that this will motivate him to win in many more competitions, and not just in sports.

Congratulations, Aiman, from Mummy and Abah. Keep it up! WE LOVE YOU!


eli said...

Congrats Aiman! I'm sure you'll win more trophies after this :)

Paul Lionel said...

Wow...your son goes to Sri KDU...? That's a very expensive place to go to school to...