Friday, April 25, 2008

Is it my birthday?

LOL! *wink* It sure felt like it when I received these two packages tied with ribbons on Wednesday!

I made an order at European Cross Stitch Company for the embellishemnt pack for my Mandala Gardens. This site was recommended to me by one of the members at the EMS Cross Stitch Board, when I posted a message looking for where to find the embellishments for the charts. I wanted to buy the embellishments at one online shop, instead of shopping at several online shops, because it would end up being quite expensive, espcially on shipping and handling charges.

This site is a embellishment heaven for those doing charts from european companies that has lots of embellishments and all the thinking has been done for you. You just order the pack. Just the way I like it since I am unsure, or rather, I am not confident that I would be buying the right embellishments for the chart, since most of the embellishments are unfamiliar to me.

I made this order 11 days ago, and that is fast service by my standard, and I am glad that the customs did not hold my pacakge for too long. I have had a package that was kept on hold by the customs for several days. Makes me wonder what do they do with the packages that they keep on hold for so long. *shrug* Oh well.... just glad that they arrived safely.

I decided to order two embellishemnt packs, one for the Watergarden, which I am currently working on, and the other, for the Knotgarden, which I also have the chart for, also bought during my trip to Melbourne. It's a saving on postage, though I am not yet sure when I will be starting on the Knotgarden project, as I am far from completing the Watergarden! *grin*

Anyway, look at the embellishemnts for the Watergarden and the Knotgarden. Lovely, huh? I can't wait to start using them!

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