Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My baby turned 8 today!

I thought it was only yesterday that he was born, and today he is EIGHT already? Oohhh! How time flies!

Since my hubby and I were both working today, and Aiman was schooling today, we decided to only have a small do for him tonight. We are planning to have a celebration at a later date where he will get to invite his school friends, cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. He has made his list. It's now a matter of getting the invitations out, but I have been so busy travelling, and each day I come home too tired. I hope to get the invitations out by this week.

In the mean time, here is Aiman in his PJs, blowing his cake, cutting it and having a good time, despite having a slight cold and cough. Yes, we had pizza for dinner - his birthday request. We also had the usual coleslaw, deli wings and garlic bread. Nothing fancy since everyone was tired since traffic was bad today. Both my hubby and I were caught in a bad jam coming home.

I hope his birthday celebration in 2 weeks time (the only time we could get a place available. Yeah, not doing it at home this time around. Learnt my lesson from his last birthday last year! LOL! *wink*) will be one he will enjoy and have fun with all his friends and cousins.


BTW, it was also our 16th Wedding Anniversary on 17th April 2008. No, we couldn't celebrate it yet as both of us were busy travelling for work, but we hope to have a small celebration, hopefully, in the next few days. *smile*

Thanks, hubby, for the lovely card and beautiful gift! LOVE YOU!


eli said...

Kak Nun & Abg Man,
May you be blessed with many more years of happiness and love. Happy Anniversary!

Aiman, we hope you had a wonderful time on yr birthday & you must be looking forward for your upcoming birthday party. Have lots of fun!

Hugs fr,
Cik Eli, Unc Ai, Abg Han & Kak Sarah

Za said...

Thanks, Eli!