Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Is the fever back?

I don't feel feverish, so, probably the fever isn't coming back.......just yet. *grin*

*wink* No, no, I am not talking about feverish sick, but rather the fever that I usually get when the Akademi Fantasia season is back. Heheh...did I just see my hubby shaking his head in amusement? *wink* A couple of nights ago when he saw me watching the diary, he said, "Oh No! It's that season again when he can't watch anything else on Saturday nights!" *grin*

Last year, I got the fever only after the 5 or 6th concert. The year before that started earlier, that is after the 2nd concert, if I can recall correctly, because I was impressed with Farhan's powerful vocals, and each week I would wait for her performance.

This year, during the first concert, I was more looking forward to seeing if AC Mizal could fill in the big shoes left behind by Aznil, rather than to watch the kids' performances. Ooops! Let me correct that. This year, I can't call them kids, because we have one mom, one dad, and one grandmum.

Going by the first concert, I must say that AC Mizal has a very long way to go to reach the standard and quality of hosting a show like Akademi Fantasia, and trying to fill in a big shoe left by Aznil is a big task on his shoulders. Like it or not, people will compare him with Aznil, even though he might have his own style of MCing the concert. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for the first concert, but found him too full of himself; he could not drop his "AC Di Sini" style of hosting a show, and simply, he was boring, to say the least of his hosting for the first concert.

Don't get me started on the performances by the AF students. It was disastrous to say the least. But, then again, I must agree that first concerts are never the best concerts to gauge a student's talents as thay have yet to build up their confidence, and some of them are so overly confident that it actually failed them.

I watched the second concert last weekend, hoping to see some improvement on AC Mizal's hosting style, and the students performances. I must say that AC Mizal is starting to show some signs of improvement, though he had a lot of help from Adlin Aman Ramlie, who, I think created some 'excitement' during the concert, unlike Ogy Ahmad Daud and Ajai's comments, which I think were rather harsh. I think they were being too hard on the students, that being their first concert. On the other hand, I think Ning was very professional in her comments.

The second concert saw a lot of improvement by the students, with the exception of Ika, who I think, her performance was simply, err..... 'unbearable' to watch, even by someone as tone deaf as I am. I thought I saw glimses of the teachers wincing and grimacing in their seats as they watched and listened to her perform.

When Astro first announced that they were raising the age limit from 27 years old to 45, I was sceptical and wondered how someone of 45 would be able to mix around with someone who could actually be as old as their own children, in an environment where you are competing with one another.

But, after catching a few episodes of the diary, I think that what I like about Astro incuding the 3 students I mentioned above is that now the younger kids have someone to whom they can look up to, and when they miss their mums, Rina, the grandmum in the Akademi, can actually act as someone whom they can rely on like a mother, and an elder sister to Saida, who misses her family so much.

I will be looking out for Nadia, Stacy, Stanly, and Rina in the next concert.

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Helmey said...

Ohh me too. I was shocked when astro announced to open the entry of af6 for people age 18-45. But maybe they want to enrich the content & elements of af6 after they dicovered the showed has almost lost it's magic touch. After watching the 2 concerts of af6, i would like to see Nadia,Nubhan,Stacy & Riz ( his attitude...eeeyew)performance for the rock's songs. They ve been chosen by me due to their unique voice and pleasant to listen too. Anyway, based on my experiences with af's, i might change the opinion after the fourth and fifth concert, depend on the performances.

Anonymous said...

He he he...waiting for the 3rd af6 concert comment

Helmey said...

He he he...waiting for the 3rd af6 concert comment....Anyway Rina has done a very good job in delivering her performance...For Stacy, i like her attitude and of course her vocal....Nadia has delivered well with my favourite song " Total Eclipse Of The Heart "...she looks stunning....

For Nubhan, although he performed so & so, i still love his tone of voice. True, i do not know what he was saying because the diction is here and there ( Bak kata Ogy & Ning )....

hani said...

Hi Za,

I enjoy reading your comment on AF since the previuos season. This season I've added another commentator from By now, I think my support goes to Riz.So, looking forward to read your review on the 3rd concert.