Friday, April 25, 2008

Okeyla tu!

If there is anyone who is happy to be eliminated, it must be Saida. Week in, week out, she has shown no signs of being happy of still being in the race. She is a picture of someone who misses her family so much, that nothing will make her happier than to be eliminated so as to be able to be reunited with her family.

Funny how some people are. Why joln AF in the first place? Maybe she wanted to give herself a chance at stardom, seeing how younger sister, Siti Nurhaliza, had succeeded in making a good living out of it?

It is a pity because Saida actually has a sweet lovely voice. She also has got the looks. However, she is simply too shy, and that will hinder her from making it far into the entertainment industry. But, you will never know, considering that she comes from a talented family with a successful entertainment company. She just might make it!

I wish Saida all the best, though my hubby thinks that she should just stay home and be a good housewife. LOL! *grin*

I know that I am late in posting my commnets on last week's concert, but it has been a week of travelling for me. I just got back from Kuching, and I thought that I had better put down my thoughts into words before the next concert tomorrow. If not, it will be bugging me, or, it will forever be at the back of my mind what I want to say, but didn't say it on time. *grin*

So, on with the comments.......

It's a pity that Alif did not dance in sync with the dancers. It would have been awesome. I have always admired entertainers who can sing and dance at the same time. It's what sets them apart from singers who just sings. Diddy did it. So did Dafi. Of course, Adam did it perfectly. In fact, Adam did it so well, that, during last week's concert, I was looking more at Adam dancing than at Alif singing! And, by the way, Alif, why the stoneface when the critics were given? Have you no emotions?

Ah! Stanly! Stanly! Stanly! You did it again! You screeched, though not as bad as last week. Again I thought that his voice was going to break at any time. I could feel no emotions from him, despite the song being so close to home for him. He failed to impress yet again. Pity, pity, pity......

Uurrhhh! Nadia's makeup was ... eerr.....sorry to say, but they made her look like a cheap doll that you can find by the road side, when Nadia is actually quite sweet. She looked lovely last week. Did Astro changed their make-up artist for the week? Even the wardrobe was awful! They should have dressed her the way Elyana or Farah Asyikin wore during the Anugerah Planet Muzik. They look sweet and cute!

BTW, I think Nadia needs to lose weight. Or, at least, dress her in something that will not accentuate her baby fat.

Rina was pretty, though leaning almost towards being sexy if she bowed just a liitle too low. Really, what happened to the wardrobe this time around?

BTW, what's with Ibu Hetty? Was she not properly briefed before the start of the concert? Her comments, though some were good, were simply too long winded. It got to a point of being annoying, and I noticed that AC Mizal was not good at handling the situation either. I am beginning to agree with an article in The Malay Mail last week that suggested that AC Mizal be replaced with Sarimah Ibrahim. He simply has not got it yet. I don't know if he ever will. He lacks the emotion to host a reality show that calls for a play of emotions.

Also, I just don't get it. What's with the boring video clips that has no significance to the students? I find myself lost and wondering what was Astro trying to say by showing the videos, or was it AC Mizal that was not doing a good job of explaining about the videos? *sigh*

I also noticed that AC likes to introduce the artist present during the concert in between the critics giving their critics to the students. Can Astro please guide AC Mizal on this? Can't AC introduce them after the critics are done for each student?

I find nothing about Nubhan's voce that impresses me. His voice, to me, is what my late dad would decribe as "macam suara tak keluar lubang cacing" - a voice that isn't even coming out of a worm's hole. He seems like he is having a tough time getting his voice out. He needs to let go, instead of controlling his voice too much. To me, he just spoilt Izwan Pillus' lovely song. *sigh*

Ah! If it were the finals last week, Stacy would have easily garnered the top place with her awesome in sync dancing and powerful rendition of the song Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy. She's got it! I enjoyed the song from start to end, and I think so did many others that night. Keep it up, Stacy!

Although Riz's performance was good, I did not enjoy it as much as I had enjoyed listening and watching Stacy sing and dance. If it was the finals that night, I'll vote him second.

Sorry I did not make any comments on Toi's performance as I had missed watching it as the phone rang at that particular time. But, from what I heard, I did not miss much. *grin*

Who would I like to see eliminated this Saturday? Nubhan and Toi. Toi does not have the voice and looks, and Nubhan, simply I just can't appreciate his voice. Maybe he hasn't been given the right song? Maybe........

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