Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Making progress.....

It's Work-in-progress report week again at NNC, so I'd better put up my report before I forget, or have no time to do it later.

I have been slowly working on my Mandala Garden, trying to work as fast as I can, but, lately, I have been travelling almost every other day too, so, I find myself coming home really tired out that I could hardly keep my eyes open, what more to stitch. Added to that, I had to work last Sunday. So, basically, I had no weekend last week. I had fun on Saturday though! Will tell more about it later!

Anyway, here is my progress on the Mandala Garden. I am excited as I work from row to row and see the image appear before my very eyes! I wish that I could work faster so that I can see more progress, but alas, this is as fast as I could get.

Here is also the progress on the LHN Herb Garden. I love working on this piece as it is a very easy chart to work on, and working on aida makes it even easier. A good break from the 28ct evenweave that I am working my Mandala Garden on. I usually work on this piece during my travels or when I sit and wait for Aiman to finish his Saturday classes.

But, last Saturday was different! Yes, while Aiman was attending his usual Saturday classes, mummy and her stitching friends were busy attending a stitching bee! Yup, June, Margaret, Aiza, Janet - coming all the way from Ipoh, Tini, and Anna - who just came back from Kuantan, and I, met up for a stitching bee! Mel joined us for a short chat before she had to leave due to family commitments.

Margaret, Tini and Aiza learned to crochet granny squares, taught patiently by Janet and Anna. June was stitching away on her Cheryl's Bouquet, which was way overdue! *wink* I worked on my LHN Herb Garden.

It was a sight to see when we first met as everyone got excited when Margaret brought out her The Warm Fuzzies book (no, Margert, I have not cut out my felts! LOL! *wink*), Tini took out her Amy Butler Book, and I took out the charts I bought at the Craft Fair in Melbourne! LOL! Janet also took out her cute Ami Bear to show which she is offering for the NNC Lottery, which i did not want to give it back to her once it was in my hands! LOL! BTW, Janet, thanks so much for the lovely crocheted rose brooch! I love it!

What got us even more excited was when Margaret took out her set of crochet hooks! A whole pack in different sizes! It was like crocheter's dream to own one! And Margaret wasn't even a crocheter when she bought the pack! LOL! *wink*

Tini showed off her lovely handmade bag and a table runner which she is currenty doing. I love the colours of the runner! Aiza brought a cross stitch project, in black aida! But, I think she only worked on it for about 10 minutes or so, before she couldn't resist the temptation to learn crochet!

I had a great time, and I wished that I could have stayed longer, but I had a million and one things to do that day, so, I had to pick up Aiman and rush home.

It was nice to finally get a chance to meet Aiza, Tini and Mel. It was great meeting up with June, Janet, Anna and Margaret again. We should do this more often, so that we get motivated to finish up all our UFOs!

Back to stitching progress, here is a my CCN Ice Cream Sundae piece which is about 75% complete. I thought that I had lost this piece when I couldn't find it and since I travelled so much, I was beginning to wonder if I had accidentally left it behind at one of the hotels I stayed in during my travels. I finally found it sunk deep into one of the pockets of the luggage that I usually bring on my travels. Phew!

I hope to work on this again when I am done with the LHN Herb Garden.

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Anonymous said...

AMAZING progress on your Mandala Garden.