Saturday, April 26, 2008

I just don't get it!

Huh? He forgot his lyrics and sang miserably and yet he is still in the race? And Rina who sang better than him got eliminated? *scratching my head*

Really, I don't get it. He really must have so many deaf tone fans who just votes for him blindly regardless of his performance. He has yet to show any improvement on his performances. In fact, I tend to agree with a friend who said that he has yet to put up any good performances since the first concert. did he get shortlisted from the thousands that came to audition? Were the rest worse off? *sigh* Is this going to be another 'Aswad case'?

Yes, I am talking about Toi. He might be a world class angklung player, but that does not necessarily make him a good entertainer or singer. He mumbles or swallows his word most of the time, and it is not just when singing, but also when he is just plain talking. Macam orang malas nak bercakap - like someone who is lazy to talk.

Here I thought that Malaysians are now smarter at making their choices, this being the 6th season? *sigh* I guess not, huh?

I want Nubhan out too. Sorry, Helmy! *wink* This is my opinion, and you have yours, and I respect that. *grin* The way I see it, there is still no real improvements from him. He is still singing with that voice that is not coming out from the lubang cacing. The only time I think that I heard his real manly voice was when he sang, "oh oh". You know, that verse that Ogy was saying that it has got different meaning when sang in different tones?

Stanly wasn't too bad, though I expected better from him. Nothing impressive about his performance tonight. I don't know why, but each time he sings, I feel like his voice is about to break or he is going to screech at any time. Is it the way he was delivering the song, or was it because he does not look relaxed when singing? Like as if it took him so much effort.

Hey! Tonight Alif smiled! And he actually looks cute when he smiles! Unlike last week when he looked so worried, expressionless, and stonefaced. The presence of Farah helped him to smile even wider! *grin*

I kinda like his performance tonight, though I expected a better performance from him, and I think he needs to work harder. For now, he is just a mediocre performer. He needs to shine and give a performance that has uumphh and leaves a lasting impression, like Ebi's performance (AF5) with the song Kasihnya Laila, Kefli's Berhenti Berharap (AF3) and Farhan's I've Still Got The Blues (AF4), just to name a few. He needs to prove that he is worthy of a place in the finals. I want to see him at the finals.

Nadia, as usual, gave her best, and she was good. I like the way she made the song her own and not sing too much like Ella, without actually changing the song too much. Unlike Riz, who, I think, changed Imran's Ajmain's beautiful song too much, that it almost spoilt it. That, again, is my own personal opinion.

I like Imran Ajmain's song just the way it is, and Riz improvising it just wasn't pleasant to my ears. However, I noticed that his fans just wouldn't stop screaming, and is oblivious to how he sang the song. They just love seeing and listening to him sing, and I think Riz knows that. It would have been be silly of him not to have noticed them screaming from the time he went on stage, although I hope it won't go too much to his head. That would spoil everything for him. As it is, he isn't much liked due to his attitude, so he has to strongly depend on his talents to make him a winner. But, Akademi Fantasia isn't just about talent, but also about how you are smart at playing with the audiences' emotions.

BTW, I really think that Nadia should try to lose weight. Her extra kilos are really beginning to show. I want to see her in the finals looking radiant, pretty and sweet, not fat, though I would still love her voice just the same. the way, I am sometimes annoyed with AC Mizal's irrelevant questions to the students. I can't make out what he is trying to get at when he ask the questions that he asks, which has no relevance what so ever to the songs, nor the situation that the students were in. Yup, definitely he has got a long way to go before he can reach the heights of Aznil.

I noticed that sometimes the students get confused when Adlin gives his comments. Most of the time, his comments are too deep for them to understand, ending with them just smiling and nodding politely. LOL!

Aaah! Another superb and beautiful performance by Stacy! I love the acting part, the emotions, and the expression was simply awesome. I like that serak serak basah voice at certain parts of the song. Really lovely. An effortless performance by a star. A winner again at tonight's concert.

However, I could not understand the dress. I do hope that the fashion designer would really think carefully about Stacy's dress for the next few concerts, that is, hoping that she will make it to the finals.

I like Rina's performance far better than Toi's performance, and so was surprised that she got eliminated tonight. A friend said that she is too old to start in the entertainment world. I think not, my friend. Wasn't it said that life begins at 40? *wink*

Well, I wish Rina all the best. I am sure that when she goes back to her old job singing at lounges and pubs, she can now ask for a higher pay. *grin* She's famous now! *smile*

BTW, SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU to Khai and Rosmah. Rosmah looks so pretty tonight, and Khai looks quite handsome is his malay wedding attire. It was nice of ASTRO to want to do a little do for the couple that was a product of the same reality show. A history of sorts for ASTRO.

The only thing I find odd during the 'ceremony', no, make that two odd things, was, one, Mila kept asking AC when he's going to get married. Duh! Doesn't she know he's married with two kids? And even after he told her that he's got two kids, she still asked him when he is going to `naik pelamin'. Really, Mila, you need to learn some communication/PR skills to be a good entertainer.

The other thing which I felt was out of place during the 'ceremony' was why AC Mizal was not wearing a Baju Melayu when everyone was, including all the 8 students. No time to change? Come on! You have plenty of time to change during the long sponsored intermission. It would have been perfect had he been in the same attire. Anyway, it wouldn't have been wrong for him to be in Baju Melayu throughout the concert, right?

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