Tuesday, April 08, 2008

She rocks!

Yeah, who says that age will limit your movement? Rina just proved to many of us who thinks that age will slow you down is totally wrong. Last Saturday, Mama Rina Rocks!

Heheh....some of my friends are going to say that I have got the fever now with my statement above! LOL! Opps! Let me check my forehead...nope! Not yet, though I can feel my temperature rising! LOL! *wink*

It was a fun concert to watch last Saturday, with AC Mizal finally coming out of his AC Di Sini coccoon, though there were so many flaws done by the students. I was a little, no, make that very disappointed, with both Stacy's and Stanly's performances. I had my eyes on them, but, for some reason that night, both of them failed to deliver. Maybe ROCK is just not their genre of music? But, I didn't think Rina had what it took to sing a rock song either, but she surprised me. In fact, I think she surprised many that night.

Faisal was like Ika was during the 2nd concert, unbearable to listen to. I was surprised that it was Lufya, who I think was better than Faisal, though not that much better, that got eliminated, and not Faisal.

If someone as tone deaf as I can know the difference between bad and good singing, why can't those voters see who's good and who's bad? Is Faisal going to be another Aswad case? Hmm..........

I have no comments with regards to Naim, except that I am just glad that he's out, giving the more talented ones a better chance of staying on.

Nadia's rendition of Total Eclipse of The Heart was simply WOW! This girl has got the vocals! Paired with Stanly, it was a performance almost as good as Ebi and Mila's rendition of My Heart, though not as mesmerising. Too bad that Stanly did not fair as well with his own song. Simply, rock was not him.

Kamelia is a lovely song, and even though Aliff delivered the song well, I must agree with Adlin and Ning, or was it Ogy, that said that he was being too `brutal' in his presentation. It is, afterall, a love song, and should be sung with a romantic tone of someone in love. Listen to this tone deaf person speak! LOL! *wink* Maybe he needs to fall in love first? *wink*

If Saida wants to make singing a career, she needs to let go of her shy personality. I saw her singing during the audition, and she has a good voice, but her shyness seems to prevent her from giving her best. She looks fragile, and I sometimes wonder if Siti Nurhaliza was watching the weekly concert (which I am sure she would), whether she might be saying to herself that she should have given her elder sister some guidelines first before Saida entered the akademi.

I will give Saida another 2 weeks to show some improvement, if she doesn't get eliminated first, that is. She has the potential, but she is simply too shy. Will she make it to the finals? If she shows no improvemnet, I doubt it. There are others who I think are more deserving of a spot to the finals, unless Astro decides there will be more than 5 finalists this season.

I noticed that AC Mizal is not someone who knows how to play with emotions. He tried it during the first concert and, in my opinion, failed miserably. He just does not have what it takes to dramatize the segment to announce the names of the students being eliminated, which Aznil did very well, though sometimes too much. It was smart of him to quickly announce the names of the students being eliminated without the drama, but, I think it was done too quickly that it felt like an anticlimax. You did not have the time to go through the emotions.

I am glad that the students are back to singing the Menuju Puncak song live instead of miming like they did last week. It just did not look right.

So, what lies in the next concert? I will be looking forward to seeing if Saida can carry her own sister's song, although it is sung by two persons, but she will be singing it alone. Or, does Astro have a surprise for us?

I don't know about this new song that Stacy is being given. Why is she the only one given a new song? How was she chosen? I must have missed it when Ramli MS gave out the reasons for doing so, or did he? Oh well, Astro is always full of surprises.

I will, of course, be looking forward to seeing Nadia perform, and Stanly's performance of Faizal Tahir's Kasih Tercipta would be one to watch simply because it is a song I like.

So, we shall all see this Saturday. I just hope that there won't be any unbearable ones that I have to listen to though..........

Note: photos taken from Akademi Fantasia's official website at http://www.astro.com.my/akademi_fantasia/default.asp


Emily said...

Nope, contrary to what Nik said, I do believe Nik's GOT THE FEVER!

And she does excellent narrative of the FA section so well that I am considering having a peek!

FA Fever!

Za said...

LOL! Join the club, Emily! *wink*

tinn said...

i like the Mandala Garden.. so pretty...