Saturday, April 12, 2008


Errrr...was that the first concert that I had just finished watching about half an hour ago? Going by the lack lustre performance of the students tonight, you can't blame me for mistaking it to be the first concert of the season. No, it was not? Oh yeah, the first concert was worse!

Huh? That was the FOURTH concert? Seriously? OK, so what is going on? There were 6000++ people who queued up to audition for AF6, and is this the quality that we get? Surely there must be some mistake. *scratching my head*

The fourth concert was a BIG letdown to me. There were no performance that impressed me, except maybe Nadia's powerful vocals, and I know she tried very hard, but, for some reason, there was no umph to her performance tonight. Her attire was lovely, she was lovely, no question about her powerful vocals, but something was missing. I just can't put a finger to it.

Again, this week, I am very disappointed with Stanly. I think he tried hard, too hard, in fact, to impressed, that it killed him. He sounded like he was screeching most of the time. Faizal Tahir's Kasih Tercipta is a beautiful song, and I was hoping for Stanly to be able to carry it well, since I think the song suited his vocals well, and added to that, it is a very popular song. But, unfortunately, he killed the song. It was almost unbearable to listen to him screeching for most part of the song.

I don't know if Ramli MS is happy now that Faisal has finally been booted out tonight, but, if I know Ramli MS well, he might be strict with the students for his standards and expectations are high, but,I think he is also very compassionate. He's probably sad that Faisal got kicked out the very week that he gave Faisal the ultimatum to do or die, so to speak.

To his credit, I think Faisal tried, but it was just not good enough. So afraid was he to make mistakes, that he could not let go of his real self to perform in a more relaxed manner. He played safe. He sang a joget song, and he was dressed to dance, but he did not, making his performance lack the umph it required to give him the edge. A pity because I think he could have nailed it with this song.

I must give Alif credit because, even though his diction of english was bad, in fact, very bad, when he tried singing his earlier english song, Come Out And Play, he never gave up. He just kept on trying. It was probably too unbearable for Ramli MS to listen to each day that made him (Ramli MS) take the decision to change the song. I agree, had Alif carried on that song, it would have killed him. Ogy would have already prepared herself to shoot him down even before he performed. I salute Ramli MS for using his executive power, as the Principal, in the best interest of the students.

I think had Alif had this new song, Menghapus Jejakmu, at the start of the week, he could probably have done a better job of delivering it. I agree with Ogy though that as a performer, no matter how short a time you have to prepare for a show, you have to be ready. But, I think Ogy forgot that Alif is only just, but a student. But, if Alif works hard, he might be able to go far. He has the looks (he's cute! *wink* Don't you think he looks a little bit like Donny Osmond in his younger days? *wink*), and his voice is easy to accept, pleasant to listen to. I like the way he delivered his song, but it was obvious that he simply was not yet ready to perform.

Considering Rina's good performance last week, this week her performance was only passable. Could it have anything to do with her injuring her knee? She looks sweet tonight, though.

Despite Ning saying that Nubhan has got a good tone, I could not appreciate his singing tonight. I felt like his voice was going to break at anytime. However, I was entertained by his cheeky act of giving Ogy a red rose, albeit a plastic one! LOL!

Didn't I tell you that Astro was going to spring a surprise when they gave Saida a song that is usually sung by two people, to be sung only by Saida alone? Ahah! Astro is becoming too predictable now. *grin*

I think Noraniza Idris came into the song too early into Saida's performance. She actually stole the limelight from Saida. I hardly heard Saida singing. I don't even know if Saida knew or expected someone to sing Noraniza's part, as I did not manage to catch any of the dairies this week that showed her rehearsing the song. But, one thing for sure, it was a song too big for Saida to carry, and she has yet to be able to get rid of her shyness.

I felt that Toi was like running all over the stage with his performance. It was like he never planned his steps. I don't know why Linda Jasmin or any of his teachers did not guide him on how to perform his song without him looking lost, and moving everywhere.

Getting a new song might work out good for you if you can carry the song well, in your own style, since it is your song, but, Stacy lost that chance. She's got the vocals, but, simply tonight, she did not look confident. She looked worried, and I agree with Ogy that I could not feel the song.

Adlin might have said that Riz was good tonight, probably the best performance of the night, but I can't agree with him. Although I think that his vocals are good, and since Marabahaya is a catchy song which I think Riz could have easily nailed it, but, simply tonight, he failed to impress me. Simply, there was no umph to his performance either tonight.

I don't know what is wrong with the students tonight. Maybe it is true what Genervie, the music teacher, said, that the teachers seem to be working harder than the students themselves. It was obvious that Ramli MS has diligently coached them himself, yet the students failed to deliver. Ramli MS would have been upset with the students' performance tonight. I was. It could easily be one of the worse concert of the season, not taking into account the first concert which, eerr.....could be forgiven, considering it was, after all, the first concert. But, this is the FOURTH concert!

Seriously, what is happening?

I hope the students buck up next week. If not, AF is going to be facing a lot of criticism from many angles.

Note: photos this week was taken from Mr. Manager's blog as AF6's official website, up until 1.45pm, still has not uploaded photos from the concert.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, i am totally agree with you about the performance of the forth concert, in fact it was disaster. Anyway i would like to quote that u mentioned Aliff looks like Donny Osmond (Versi Malay.)Still i m waiting to see Nadia, Nubhan,Stacy & Riz performance.For Mr Ramli M.S, i hope he will give the suitable songs for the students.Surprisingly Aliff still lead the votes for today.