Tuesday, April 08, 2008

In a 'Garden' mood

It's WIP week again at NNC. Gosh! I thought it was only yesterday that I posted a progress of my works-in-progress? *scratching my head trying to remember*grin*

All week last week, whatever spare time that I have after dinner is done and when the housework is under control, and my son is safe in bed, with hubby watching TV, I would put in as much stitching into my Chatelaine Mandala Garden - The Watergarden as I could. I am eager to see the end result of this project, although I know that there wil be a time when I will tend to get distracted with so many other lovely designs being offered on the internet. However, I am determined to at least make an effort to get it done sometime this year, if I can.

I would need motivation and some cheering on from my stitching friends, and I am sure they will not fail me. *wink*

So, here is the progress so far. Not too bad, huh, for a weeks work? *wink*

Also, here is my progress on the LHN Herb Garden.

This photo was taken on Saturday, April 5, as I waited for my son to attend his engineering class. No, I am not advertising for STARBUCKS, though it is free advertising for them *grin*

I took this piece with me to Terengganu when I had to work over there over the weekend, and this time I managed to put in quite a lot of stitching as I managed to get into the hotel room while there was still quite a bit of daylight.

It made me feel good, and satisfied with my progress thus far.

I just realised that I am currently doing TWO garden projects - The WaterGARDEN and The Herb GARDEN. I must be in a GARDENING mood, though my small vegetable garden at the back of my house is...err....almost dead with me so busy with work! LOL!

Well, if you can't have the real garden, you might as well stitch one! LOL! *wink*


Barbara said...

Mandala is coming along fine and so is the Herb Garden :) LHN pieces are characteristically light and quick stitching.

biblo said...

You are making good progress. Keep it up!

Lillie said...

You are fast on the Mandala! Both projects looking good.

ShannyK-L said...

WOW Nik! So fast! Can't wait to see the rest of the LNH and the Water garden....