Friday, July 04, 2008

Beckham, sexy? Hmmm.....

Even if he is the last man on earth, I still wouldn't find him sexy. *grin*

Yeah, Beckham's lastest advert wearing the Emporio Armani underwear got many women excited, so it was reported. I am not, however, one of those women.

I think Beckham is just a lot of hype over nothing, or, as some would put it, "much ado about nothing". I was told that he's not even that good at playing football, but yet many has made him a football legend. I must congratulate his publicist for doing such a great job of making things look great, even when they are not.

Brad Pitt? NOW that is what I call a sexy man! LOL! *wink* Shhhhhh...don't let my hubby hear me say that! LOL! *wink* Brad's cute too! But, err....I don't find Angelina Jolie sexy, though many men will disagree with me. Must be her pouting lips. *grin* Men love those. Maybe I should start pouting my lips too? LOL! *blush*

In Malaysia, I think Ziana Zain is sexy, even when she is fully clothed, but, before my readers get any funny ideas, I don't find Ziana Zain sexy in the way men finds her sexy. *grin* We women appreciates beauty, and find nothing wrong to admit it when we see other beautiful or sexy women, unlike men, who are too macho and egoist to admit that another man is sexy or handsome. *grin*

Some women find Ziana Zain's brother, Anuar Zain, sexy. He is supposedly the guy that every woman in Malaysia wants. Some have labeled him as "Lelaki Idaman Malaya" - the man Malaysia wants!

I think he's cute, and, oh! I love his songs! All of them! Expecially LELAKI INI and KETULUSAN HATI. I can listen to both songs over and over again without ever feeling bored! I wish the radio stations would play more of his other songs too. He's been kind of quiet lately.

Erra Fazira is one women who I think is very beautiful, although her private life hasn't been all that beautiful. I felt sad the day she and Yusry announced that they are finally going their separate ways. They make such a lovely couple. I blogged about it, I think.

I even find her and Hans Isaac to also be a lovely couple, but it was never fated for them to be together. But, I hope that her marriage to Engku Imran will last a lifetime blessed with many children. They make such a beautiful couple.

BTW, I think Hans Isaac is cute too! LOL! *wink*

I think Siti Nurhaliza to be one very lucky women blessed with so many good things - looks, talent and wealth, although I find her marriage to Datuk K a little bit of a disappointment, because it kind of spoilt her squeaky clean image which she so protected, when she married a married man 19 years her senior! Well, OK, so he was already divorced, or, was in the process of going through a divorce when they got married. So what, he was married before, and it does not suit her squeaky clean image that she worked hard to put up all these years.

Shh......although I never told my hubby this, but, I find my hubby adorable and as I picture him in my head, it always puts a smile on my face as I think of him as I go about doing my work! *wink* It makes me just want to come home for a cuddly hug! *wink*blush*

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