Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tea Coasters and a birthday gift!

I received a lovely 6 piece set of tea coasters from Jess for the Tea Coasters Exchanged, organised by Usha, on Friday. It was made using the Japanese Kaleidoscope folding technique, a technique I have yet to learn.

Jess' work is really neat, and a lot of effort and time must have gone into making them, so, I doubt it if I will be using them to serve tea. *grin*

Along with the tea coasters came a belated birthday gift which were a piece of Flat Fats in Pink, a pinkeep and a roll of ribbons, also in PINK! Really nice! Love the pinkeep, and the flat fats is so sweet!

I definitely will have a use for the pink flat fats and the ribbon. The pinkeep will go onto my shelf of all things cute and pretty!

Thanks, Jess! Thanks for the lovely tea caosters an dteh birthday gifts! LOve them all!

Usha, thanks again, for organising the exchange!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice words - really pleased you like the coasters and little extras.