Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A first page done last! *grin*

Yup! This is supposed to be the first page for the All Day Outing at KLCC, but I couldn't get myself in the mood to write the journal first when I started out on the scrapbook after such a very very long break from doing scrapbook.

I finally completed this page tonight, and I am happy to 'show it off' to all my `loyal' readers. *smile*

The page is pink, my favourite colour *wink*, and I had used wrapping paper for half of the background which I cut out along the motifs, instead of taking it in total, and mixed it with a pink squiggle page on white for the other side.

The "OUTING" letterings are stamped and cut out using Technique Tuesday's Boulder Skyline Clear stamps which I bought during my trip to Singapore last year. Finally I get to use my clear stamps! In fact, with this latest project in scrapbooking, I am finally using most of the scrapbook stash I bought in Singapore. Now it makes my trip really worth it! LOL!

Some of the cliparts are from PcCrafter. Oohh! I simply love their graphics, and they are so easy to download. I get them instantly! No waiting for the CD to arrive! I can use them immediately for my projects, no matter how late I am up working on a project while the creative juice is still flowing! LOL!

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