Monday, July 28, 2008

Can you believe this?

How can someone be so cruel, so heartless, so inconsiderate, so..... ooohhhh!! If I have a magic wand, I will turn such heartless people into ugly toads!

It was reported in the New Straits Times today that a robber said sorry before they drove off with a new RM100,000.00 van. The cheek of them! Like as if saying sorry will relief them of their sins!

What got me mad was the fact that the robbery took place at a Rumah Kasih in Jalan SS3/84, Petaling Jaya. Rumah Kasih is a place for young children without parents. It is a welfare home. You are supposed to give hope to these children, not take it away from them. What's more was that the van was only recently donated by a generous company just 3 months ago to ferry the children to school. UUrrgghh! That makes me even more mad that someone could be so cruel to inconvenieced the kids that way!

People like these don't deserve to walk the streets. They should be put in jail for the rest of their lives! The way they treated the home administrator and the kids was horrible, putting a parang to her throat. I hope they will be punished on earth and in hell for their sins!

So they managed to drive away with the van, but I hope the van will give them plenty of troubles. I hope they will be caught and brought to justice. I have so many ugly words I want to say to them, but, it's not even worth giving them a chance to listen to my sweet voice! They deserve to listen to the voice of the judge, whom I hope will give them the worse nightmare ever, worse than the ones they put the children through!

The world will be a better place without people like them!

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