Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A First!

I am simply SPEECHLESS when Emily presented me with this award! I have never won any awards online before, not to mention any contest. My luck with lucky draws are simply the pits! LOL! I only win a lucky draw when everyone wins a prize! LOL! Pathetic, huh? LOL!

I am blushing beetroot too with what Emily wrote in her blog about me -

"Nik Ainun who is a dedicated and caring organiser at Needles & Crafts!, she excels at cross stitch and book scraping AND a terrific cook (the two men in her life will testify to that!). All this while holding a demanding job!"

Wow! Thanks, Emily! I am feeling on top of the world! *smile*

As I have worn this award, it is now my pleasure to pass on this lovely award to some of the talented ladies I have met online. And they are:

Faizon is one great tatting sifu! She has recently come out with a book on tatted snowflakes designs, and they are being sold at her blog. Her works has also been recently mentioned at the Needlework Craft Group. She has been trying to get me to pick up tatting for some time already, but, with my busy schedule, I can't afford to pick up another hobby! I think she has given up on me to pick up tatting for now! LOL!

Lillie is one very talented lady who churns out stitching product after stitching product while we, at NNC, chat away! LOL! Every two weeks, during the WIP Report Week at NNC, she would come up with an impressive list of finished products that almost always puts us to shame! LOL! *wink*

This young lady is one very talented person who loves sharing her knowledge and talent with others who wants to learn more about sewing. Tini teaches to make baju kurung, and she has recently come out with a lovely laptop sleeve which I want one too!

I am always at awe with Lody's lovely stitching and finishings. Her works has many times been featured in a number of cross stitch magazines, one being The Gift of Stitching. Because of her good work, she is being featured in the magazine on a regular basis. She hopes to open up her own online shop one day, and I can't wait for that day to come!

Mel is another very talented person who does such lovely works, and is very inspirational. Her tutorials on the crafts that she does make things look like they are so easy to do! Thanks, Mel!

I first 'met' Niza through a group she set up, but later left it when she wanted to concentrate more on her family and crafts. She does such lovely work, that each time I see her work, it makes me want to pick up my needle and threads immediately!

Well, now that I have passed on this award, it's time to state down the rules for the next in line -

1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees

Have a great day everyone, and thanks again, Emily!


snazzynsuch said...

Nik.. thanks so much 4 the award... i'm honored!

yoonie-at-home said...

Hi! Nik, Just managed to sneak a peek and was pleasantly surprised! Thanks for the mention and the lovely award. You make a difference to all our efforts to save our sanity with our crafting!! A Big Hug from All of us at NNC!!! and yours truly!!!