Sunday, July 13, 2008

A CUP too expensive

Usually, on Saturdays, after Aiman's classes, we would eat at KOPITIAM. Aiman loves the Kuay Teow Goreng there and the soya bean drink without ice. I like the Cantonese Fried Kuay Teow mixed with Bee Hoon. But, yesterday, my hubby said why don't we try something different once in a while. So, we decided to try out this new restaurant that opened about 2 months ago, located across from Bangsar Village called CHAWAN. It's at the old Devi's Corner.

I ordered the all day dining Pulut Kuning with Chicken Rendang. Not too bad, but the plate was so small, and it kept swinging left and right each time I want to cut up the chicken.

My hubby ordered the Nasi Dagang, which he said was just passable. He had tested better nasi dagang. Of course, my mum's nasi dagang would be the best! *smile*

Aiman order Hainanese Chicken Chop, which was a very big helping, but he did not quite finsih it. He did not like the sauce much, and neither did it look tempting enough for me to want to try it either.

The bill came out to RM53.60. That is quite steep for a place that does not look the least bit exclusive, except for the way the name of the restaurant was spelt - the old fashion way - CHAWAN, instead of CAWAN, meaning CUP. The food wasn't that great. At least, the ones we ordered weren't.

Will we be going there again for lunch? Maybe not...... maybe not so soon.......


Emily said...

I went to CHAWAN a couple of weeks back. I had the asam laksa and roasted bean curd and a cup of cam (kopi n tea).

The service was darn slow (it just opened for business a couple of days back - I was told).

Like you said, will not be going back soon.

Za said...

Aiman had to wait for close to half an hour for his meal, but it was already stated in the menu that it will take them 20 minutes to prepare it. So, I guess we can't complain, only Aiman was getting really hungry. *grin*