Sunday, July 13, 2008

A special request

My son has been asking me to make Nasi Lemak for breakfast for quite some time, but I have been so busy, I just couldn’t find the time to prepare the sambal.

My son said that my Nasi Lemak is the best! Pak Chu’s (my hubby’s youngest brother) nasi lemak is the second best, and he has a Nasi Lemak business, selling at one of the stalls in IKANO Power Center.

When my son said that my nasi lemak is the best, how can I refuse making it for breakfast, right? *wink* So, today, that was what we had for breakfast.

It’s been a very long time since I made nasi lemak. In fact, I think, since we stopped having a maid, because it takes a lot of time and preparation to make the sambal, the rice, and the sayur kangkong goreng. My hubby and I do not like nasi lemak much without the sayur kangkong. We simply love veggies!

My preparation started since yesterday with the making of the sambal first. I cooked the rice and the rest of the condiments this morning, and my hubby and son totally enjoyed it. It was worth the time and effort put into making the nasi lemak.

Thanks for appreciating my cooking, dear hubby and Aiman!


biblo said...

Your nasi lemak looks yummy!! Will take your hubby and son's word for it. LOL!!!!

Emily said...

Aiseh, with contented customers like them, you have to make it more often (and invite us too!).

Paul Lionel said...

I love Nasi Lemak! Yours looks terrific!

Za said...

LOL! Sure, Emily! I will one day make and invite you over, but, you might just have to wait long too! *wink*

Za said...

Thanks, Paul and Wendy!