Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chaos in the city!

What a waste of fuel, not to mention the time too! Urrghhh!

Will Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim please sign my punch card for Monday? *wink*

I punched in at 8.40am Monday morning, when I should be punching in at 8.00am, all because the authorities went into 'panic mode' when it was reported that there will be a rally at the Parliament building on Monday to protest against the price hike in fuel.

I think many wasted a lot of fuel on Monday being caught in the massive jam, not to mention the chaos that was created due to the heavy road blocks everywhere leading to the Parliament building. Just my luck, I have no choice BUT to take Jalan Parlimen to get to work. Even the alternative roads were jammed up. *sigh*

My meeting on Monday was supposed to have started at 9.30am but it only convened at 10.00am because many could not get to the office on time. There were a few also that simply gave up coming altogether to the meeting when they were still caught in the jam getting from their office along Jalan Syed Putra to my office off Jalan Parlimen at 10.00am. What a waste of efficient time.

And all this because why? Because 'someone' reported that there was going to be a rally in town. It was said that it was Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim that said it, though he denied it.

If trully he did say that, that's really powerful. All he said was the word "rally", and the authorities goes into 'panic mode', blocking roads everywhere, causing massive jams and chaos all over the city.

A single man can actually do that? Wow! Mention the word "rally" and everything turns upside down? He even managed to get the US State Department to come to 'his defence' when the sodomy charges were brought against him just two weeks ago. It says a lot about this person, but, is he really such a great man?

The authorities apologised for the massive jams on Monday, but said that it was for the safety of the people, but, really, if Anwar Ibrahim denied it, then who could have spread the word around about there being a rally in the first place? Hmmm........

I arrived in the office on Monday with a splitting headache due to being stuck in the jam for so long. Despite my headache, I managed to chair two meetings back to back, but I went home feeling terribly exhausted and worn out. I went to bed early that Monday night.

What a waste, when I could have done so many things that night, and all because of what a single man said....whoever he may be....

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Datin Nik Zaharah said...

Yes, I agree Nun, why is the police so afraid of this one man that so desperately wanted to become the next PM? The Election is over and the people had made their choice. Why not wait for another 4 years when the next general election is due.People can wait why can't he?

ShannyK-L said...

As Uncle Ben would have said to Peter Parker; With great powers come great responsibilities. I seriously think those in power in M'sia/Sudan, etc etc should seriously follow Uncle Ben's advice! ;)

... ... ... ... ... ... nik elin said...

To tell you the very honest truth. The police and the government made a blatant lie to the public on Monday. They said that the Bar Council was also involved in organising a rally.

Now, I am NO supporter of Mr Anwar. But at no time was there a planned rally. If there was, I would be the first to know as PKR would ask us lawyers to help monitor their illegal rallies. Every time without fail, I would be aware of any planned rally.

This was a clear attempt to create chaos so that we would all hate Mr Anwar and the Bar Council. The governemt stated that they had relied on their intelligence. Obviously their intelligence werent so intelligent, were they?

So dont blame Anwar or the Bar Council. Blame the police and the government.

Za said...

I blame the person who spread the word around about there being a rally in the first place, who ever he may be.

I am neither pro nor anti Anwar. I am just venting my frustrations over the jam that I got caught in because of the action of some irresposible and 'powerful' parties and the over-reaction of those in power.

I agree with Shanny that with great powers come great responsibilities. All those in power and 'powerful people' should be more responsible in what they do and how they act.

Datin Nik Zaharah said...

Lin can say that. But I believe all this chaos is due to this one man who wants to be PM so desperately. His party had won so many seats in Parliament already. So why not concentrate to fulfill promises instead of going to the streets and making people afraid.The Police has got a responsibility and it is their duty to keep laW AND ORDER.

... ... ... ... ... ... nik elin said...

Obviously Ma believes the propaganda created by the Police.

There was no such intention to do any such protest.

Ini Fitna. I never liked AI but certainly we should not accuse him of something he did not do, just because we dont like him. Wheres the justice?

Najib is involved in the Altantuya murder. Thats all that I can say. AI can continue being homosexual for all I care, but as long as he doesnt kill or C4 anyone, then its okay.

Datin Nik Zaharah said...

Do you have proof Lin? you can be sued for this. Obviously you believed AI's sweet oratory speeches and manipulation of the media and the people like you.

... ... ... ... ... ... nik elin said...

Yes, I not only can be sued, but can disappear from the face of this earth for this. Find my bits and pieces in some remote jungle of Puncak Alam. And nobody would know cos my passport records would be wiped out completely.

Other Q's
1) Altantuya's immigration records were deleted. By who?
2) Where did the C4 come from? Until now the authorities have not conclusively answered this question.
3) When the suspects were first arrested, Abdul Razak's wife shouted at reporters that her husband "does not want to become the Prime Minister". What did she mean?
4) One day at court, Abdul Razak's father whispered into his ear and immediately Abdul Razak exploded in the court room shouting "No! No!" "Damn you Pak Lah" (Pak Lah = Prime Minister of Malaysia) while kicking the wall and chair.
5) Abdul Razak was introduced to the killers by a high ranking officer called Musa Shafri (who also happens to be Najib's Chief of Security). Until now, Musa has not been called to court for testimony.
6) Former PM Mahathir asked Najib to divorce his wife if he still wants to be the next Prime Minister. Why?
7) Until today also, the faces of the 2 police officers accused of murder have never been published in newspapers, nor have their face been seen in open court, as every inch of their face is covered.
8) When reading out Abdul Razak's affidavit which mentioned the Deputy Prime Minister, the defence and prosecution both jumped up at the same time to object!! The same thing happened when Altantuya's counsel asked for hearing on the deleted immigration record. Defence working with the prosecution?
9) The entire prosecuting team (serious crimes) from the Attorney General's office was replaced 1 day before the trial started and replaced by prosecutors from the commercial crimes division. The replaced lead prosecutor alleged interference and resigned with his boss soon after.
10) Several defence lawyers pulled out of the case after citing threats and pressure from powerful people.

Sum it all up, what do we get? Come up with a coherent narrative for the murder (taking into account the discrepancies mentioned above). Right thinking people will conclude there is a conspiracy at the highest places, and for the good of our nation justice must prevail

Datin Nik Zaharah said...

When George W.Bush set his mind to control the oil-rich nation of Iraq, he made everybody believed that Iraq had weapon of mass destruction. President Saddam Hussein was put to death, so are most of his generals. Until now that so-called-weapon-of mass destruction was never found. But who suffered the most ? It is the people of Iraq.

... ... ... ... ... ... nik elin said...

Exactly. I rest my case Ma.
Just like George Bush manipulated everyone to believe the WMD, the BN machinery came up with all sorts of lies to set up the scandal. There was no such planned rally last Monday. It was a siege planned to make us hate AI. I dont like AI but it makes me place pity on him for the injustices that he has to undergo.

And can anyone imagine having UTK personnel in baclavas storming into AI's home 45 minutes short of the time limit? Couldnt they wait?
Whats with the POWERS that be? You should know Ma, how people in power does things.
Why does it have to be so

Za said... mum and sis are having an `argument' at....who's blog is this? LOL! *wink*

And all I did was complain about the choas that I got caught in on Monday, which thousands of others also probably did, and now I am caught in a crossfire? Hmmmmmm.....