Sunday, July 13, 2008

Getting there........

After spending two solid hours working on the LHN Chocolate Shoppe, while waiting for Aiman to finish class, I am finally seeing some obvious progress on it. I think it is about half done. I can't wait to finish this piece as I am thinking of starting on another piece by LHN or CCN since I bought quite a few of their charts on my trip to Singapore last year.

I am giving myself another 2 more solid stitching to complete this. Hopefully I can get it done before our next Stitching Bee in August.

On the Mandala Garden, I made some small progress, but progress still, none the less. This weekend I did not work on it at all as I am in the mood to scrapbook. That is what I have been doing all weekend, except for the time I took to take Aiman for his classes. Of course I did not forget to prepare the meals and do the normal household stuffs too! LOL! *wink*

I will definitely put up my completed scrapbook pages ones they are all done. Keep a lookout! *wink*


wallpapersdeco said...

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Lillie said...

Both WIPs are looking good especially the MG.