Sunday, July 20, 2008

A pillow called Smiley!

When the I changed the cushion cover for the cushion which I kept in the car, Aiman liked the new cushion cover so much, he wanted to give it a name. He said that the pillow now looks so cute, feels cozy, and he said that the appliqué of Sun Bonnet Sue smiles at him, so, he named the pillow SMILEY.

He would hug the pillow each morning as I drive him to school, and on most mornings, he would fall asleep hugging Smiley. He does look so cozy and cute! *wink*

A few days after naming Smiley the Pillow, Aiman came home and told me that he wanted to name the comforter I made for him too. And he has named it Whiesky. Yup, and that is how he wanted it spelt. Why Whiesky? Nothing to do with Whisky the drink at all, thank God! LOL! It’s named Whiesky because the comforter has lots of cats with whiskers as its motifs. LOL!

I find it amusing that my son has named his cushion and comforter, and so told my hubby about it, expecting my hubby to be equally amused, but……guess what? I ended up being even more amused when my hubby told me that he too had a name for his pillows and bolsters when he was about Aiman’s age! LOL!

He named his two pillows Sam and Hardy, reason being, one was soft, and the other one was hard. No prize for guessing which is which. *wink* He named his bolster Schroeder. Schroeder? Actually he wanted to name the bolster Shrimpy because it was long like a shrimp, but he said it sounded too sissy! LOL!

Did I name any of my pillows when I was growing up, Ma?

I affectionately called or referred to our old Proton Wira as Bee, not because it looks like a bee *grin*, but because the plate number starts with BEE. We have since sold off the car. I wonder if it is still road worthy today, but my hubby took good care of Bee when she was with us, and I was sad to have to part with her, but, we needed a new car as Bee was already getting old, and she was starting to be expensive to maintain.

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