Sunday, March 29, 2009

AF has lost it's feel.......

It's another irony isn't it that the very two people that Astro has been trying to pair off, despite the fact that one is already engaged to be married, were both eliminated at last night's 3rd concert? Hmm........

I think it was also ironic that Rini came on stage just at the end of Aril's song which was titled "Andainya Aku Pergi Dahulu..."?

I was almost worried that it would be Aril who would be booted out due to the title of his songs, as I think that he did pretty well last night.

It has coincidentally happened before during Aznil's time - the title of the songs giving you an omen of sorts of what will happen to you! LOL!

I think Obri deserves to be booted out because I see no improvemnet in the delivery of his songs, despite it being already the 3rd concert. I cringed each time he performed during the concerts.

He looks like a sweet boy though and I wouldn't mind watching the diaries just to look at his cute face, LOL! *wink* but, sorry, Obri, AF isn't just a place for cute looks.

Rini, to me, is like what Salimah was in AF4 - `gedik', and too full of herself. Has she forgotten that she is already engaged?

The delivery of her song last night had no feel to it. I agree with Adlin that she was just merely singing, and not putting her feelings into it.

Somehow, this season, even after 3 concerts, I still could not feel anything exciting about the performance of the kids nor the concert itself. Something seems to be missing, but I just can't put a finger to it. it the kids or the host? Hmm..... *grin*

Though there were some good performances by some of the kids, but I can't seem to feel the kind of excitement I felt during the last 5 seasons (the 6th season was also missing the feeling which I can't figure out what it is). I am just hoping that Astro will try to bring back Aznil in the 8th season if there is to be an 8th season. Please, no more AC Mizal. He simply can't fill in the big shoes left by Aznil. *sigh* Please bring back Aznil.......

What was wrong with Claudia's clothes last night? Was she wearing a long gown, but had the skirt turned up and folded to knee length to make up for her lack in height and brought above her waist and tied up? It looked funny and awkward.

Wardrobe needs improvement, if you ask me. I feel that the kids were not dressed to suit the songs that they were singing. I feel that Akim who sang 'Anak Gembala' was dressed all wrong when he wore something that looked like a leather jacket. It would have given the song more mood and feel had he worn something similar to what an `anak gembala' would have worn.

I also noticed that some of the boys' makeup or foundation looked thick and cake-like, making them appear too white. Or, could it be the lighting?

I agree with Mr Manager that despite his antics on stage, Qhoud's performance still came across as empty, lacking colour, depth and character. There were no dynamics and expressions. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this boy can dance in tune while singing!

That is something that always hold me in awe when someone can sing and dance well at the same time. Maybe because I don't have that talent, and thus admire those who can? *grin* Well, I have no intention to sing, nor dance, not even in the bathroom, so, people, don't worry, I won't make you all cringe listening to me sing. LOL!

I must say that both Akim and Sidi can't dance. They make the same moves each week, by just turning around like a ballerina whenever they reach a bridge in the song ( that what you call it?).

Adlin is truthful and open in his comments, though long winded sometimes, unlike Dato' Khaty and Khairil Johari Johar, whom I find are being very diplomatic in their comments of the kids.

Adlin's expectations are also very high, which is good for the kids, but I think Aril's performance last night was good, as I could feel his song last night. With his face full of expression, and eyes glistening, but yet Adlin finds it flat. I guess he is right in a way that the first and second chorus needs to be different to have colour. See, I am learning too! LOL!

Aishah was also good, in my opinion, but again, Adlin feels that it lacks colour. I guess he is right. I just hope that both Aishah and Aril next week will give some interesting performance next week.

Funny that even though many said that Hafiz is good, and I must agree that he is, but, I find nothing exciting about his performnace. I felt like I was just watching another singing contest, and not Akademi Fantasia, and I still think that it has a lot to do with the fact that AC Mizal just does not know how to host a show of AF's caliber.

He kept asking the same questions to the audience over and over again like, "Siapa peminat Hafiz disini?", or "Ada peminat Aril di sini?". I find most of his jokes silly. Sorry, AC, you just haven't got it, though you handled your "AC Di Sini" very well. I just can't figure it.

You know that advertisement about that shop owner who said that customers no longer come to his shop, but come the AF season, people will start scrambling back to his shop to buy boxes of tissues? Well, I think you no longer need to buy boxes of tissues to watch AF the past 2 seasons because you hardly have time to feel the emotions. You don't have time to cry. The tears just isn't there because no emotions were evoked during the elimination rounds.

AF has lost that feel that made what AF what it used to be.

Even during the elimination rounds, the kids' sadness didn't quite hit you like it did the first 5 seasons. I felt like the sadness displayed by the kids were not coming from the heart though I am sure they were probably really sad, but not the sadness felt by the kids during the first 5 seasons. Hmm...what's missing?

**note: photos taken from Mr Manager's website

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