Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Have I finally caught the fever? *wink*

As I write this, in the background, I am listening to Aril of AF7 singing "Andainya Aku Pergi Dahulu" on YouTube which he sang in last week's concert. I am listening to it over and over again. *grin*

To me, I think he sang this song really well, and it went right through my heart the first time I heard it. His expression was full of emotions and I could feel his emotions.

So, this boy has proven to me that he does not only have a cute face, but a voice to match, though it still needs lots of polishing. I hope he will stay on till the final concert so that he can get to learn all the right technique of singing correctly.

Did I just say that AF has lost it's feel and appeal? Well, I still think AF have lost much of it's appeal, but, I did say in my first posting of AF this season that this group of kids are quite good, only that they needed lots of work on their singing technique and performance.

So far, for now, this season, I am keeping a 'watching brief' on Aril and Aishah. Though Hafiz is a favourite among the Critics and the many followers of AF, he has yet to appeal to me and get me interested to watch him every week.

I think Isma is someone to look out for too. Though I must say that she does look and sound almost like Siti Nurhaliza.

Any chance they could somehow be related?

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