Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How does your garden grow……

It’s been some time since I last attended to my vegetable garden. All that I did the last few months (or, was that coming to a year already? LOL!) was to just water the plants.

So, last weekend, while I was watering the plants, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my bitter gourd had started to bear fruits again, and not one fruit, but FOUR fruits, and they were all about to mature already! See what I mean when I said that all that I did the last few months was to just water the plants? I literally did just that! LOL!

Even though I did see that the bitter gourd had started to flower some weeks back (I did not even plants the seeds, it grew on its own from seeds that fell off from the previous planting), little did I expect it to bear fruits so soon.

So, even though I had paid little attention to it in recent months, it still decided to reward me with fruits, maybe as a way of appreciating me for watering it each weekend, despite my busy schedule.

Or, could it be maybe that it was trying to tell me to take care of it, and by bearing me fruits, it is reminding me that it still is in existence, and wish to exist for some time yet to come? LOL!

I have already plucked the biggest one, and had fried it with eggs and served for dinner last night.

I am hoping to pluck the rest this coming weekend, as they seem to have matured already, though they have not reached its matured size. I think they are teasing me! LOL!

See, told you I talk to my plants! I even joke with them, and now they are teasing back at me! LOL!

Am I going insane? LOL! *wink*

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